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it works with RSS feed only, or I can put my news manually in some way. I do not need it for RSS feeds, but 1. I need to display some news and advise on a side of a page. 2. Can they be random from a list of news?

Is it possible with this script?

Thanks Mau

ive tried installing this multiple ways using rss option, nothing will work, including using your specific files…. no luck

Can’t seem to get it to work. Poor instructions. At least it was only $5 but I guess you get what you pay for.

Any chance to see the wordpress version back to codecanyon at some point?

Worked fine a long time for me. But since last week the rss feed functionality seems not to work anymore. I changed nothing on my setting, so the bug has to be on the code canyon servers?

Same here @krebsgetier

Hi there,

After follow your short instructions in order to set-up your script, I have not been able to get it work. I leave you my test link in case it helps in anything.

Hope your quick answer. Thanks in advance.

Text is being overwritten after 5 miuntes, all texts are being overwritten over and over again which at the end looks ugly. Is there a way to fix this?

This is reproducible even in your demo. Dropping the rate to one start.

I just bought this and the download package does not even contain the plugin file!! $5 wasted! Did not expect this from the author or Envato.


ryearm Purchased

Hello there. Just bought your plugin and it works great, however, when viewed on mobile, the ticker text does not wrap and is cut off. I tried removing the overflow hidden from the CSS but that doesn’t work. Your documentation says it’s Responsive, which means the text should wrap to fit the device width. How do we make this truly responsive for mobile?

thank you!


ryearm Purchased

Yeah, no response. I want my money back since this is not responsive as advertised.

The rss feed no longer seems to work, is there an issue here?

I am trying to use this on a MyBB forum…does anyone have any idea how I can make it work? Seems a bit difficult for a simple ticker??

I have just bought and its not working with i want my money back