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Excellent work!!! GLWS


Demo is not working

Please check now. Thanks.

0 (zero) copies sold at this moment, but many reviews! Well done!

It’s buyer review about our work :)

The first one: “Really easy to set-up and use”. About the work… Mhm. :)

How is it possible to display 2 buyers comments on your item page when you have 0 sales ? ... You’re not very honest, it looks like a scam… You probably will tell that it’s not about this item precisely, but it wouldn’t be more honest either. You don’t start on good basis if you want trust of potential buyers…

p.s: as you’re clearly not an honest developper, your item has been reported for fraud by the way.

Hello bigdreamstheory,

Thanks for your valuable comment :)

First of all, It’s an Addon for visual composer which required both “Breaking News Plugin” and “Visual Composer” support. This Addon create custom blocks in visual composer menu for quick breaking news management.

Now, we received those feedback’s from buyers of “Breaking News Plugin” and I used them for this Addon as highlight purpose.

You can check here too-


Also, In future, I’ll try my best of make product description more clear to my buyers to avoid unnecessary confusion. Again thanks a lot for your feedback.

Good day ahead.




Can we change the color of the banner depending on the category of the article? Example: I select multiple items to the various categories I want displayed on the top of my website. The first article talks about the TV series, the title of the banner is: “TV Series” and the background color turns blue, then a second article talks about video games: the banner title changes to “gaming” and the background color turns yellow … etc, etc .. I do not know if you understand the functionality I’m looking to find. Once this feature will be available, I immediately buy! Keep me informed, and please, put absolutely up this feature. Thank you

Thanks for your message and feature request.

I’ll give a try and if it’s possible, I’ll let you know :)



instapy Purchased

Purchased this Script and it was a total waste of money. This script does not only require Visual Composer to work. It needs another $15 script by the same author. Aside from having Visual composer, If you don’t have $30 to blow on another dependent script, Just don’t bother buying it.

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m working on your feedback to make product better.

Stay with me :)


I also purchased this , i already have visual composer , so it should work , but then it says i need to purchase another plugin by you ? I have already asked for a refund and you declined , saying you would provide me with the plugin that is ALSO required (so you dont only need visual composer for this to work, smh ) i am still waiting 5 days later , if you cant provide me with the other plugin within 1 more day then just refund me so i can look elsewhere for this feature.


Thanks for your message. Please send a support message via support page. I’ll send you plugin :)



Done.. I shall wait for your response.

Replied. Thanks: )