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Awesome idea, work great! :)

Hello. I just bought this and I am not amused.

This is not a script you’re selling. You’re selling a service: you’re selling us the right to load data from your server and show it on our pages. There’s no parsing code, the data are not coming from the sources you mention but instead from your own server…

How can we have a guarantee you will not fail us? Also, isn’t codecanyon a place to sell scripts?


Thanks for your extended comment. I only have one thing to add: You consider my message insulting. How can a message that exposes the truth be insulting? You do realize the moment I report this to envato your scripts are gone, don’t you? How insulting is that?




It is insulting as you have decided to assume that the content was not coming from the sources specified.

It is insulting as you have assumed that the automated system will fail.

Nevertheless, do as you please. Life is to short for virtual arguments :).

All the best!


So, this time, instead of buying a script I am signing a contract with you for delivering and updating a json feed with World Cup data.

It’s different from what should be a script sale and that’s the reason for my rant.

Well, in that case let’s hope you keep up with what your asking us to pay you upfront, meaning:

1. Your servers can support the extra load

2. Your data will always be up-to-date

You can however, improve/fix it:

- Use “async: false,” in ajax, in order to work everywhere

- The flags background is white and not transparent, killing all non-white backgrounds design

- Use “cache: true,” to cache in browser and send headers properly configured, and beforeSend getlocalcache

Also, you should update the script. I see you already sending all the GROUPS, but the script template does not reflect that.

All the best

Hi, Great Idea thanks. It doesnt seem to be responsive for me. Do you have some instruction to make the index.html file behave responsively? IMPORTANT FOR ME :) I need it to fit in smartphones.

Also, there are flags missing from Costa Rica and Honduras (check spelling of your Honduras please) In Groups.

Also there are flags missing in Fixtures.

Hope you can help!



Yea i did that.. but it didn’t fix the missing flags! Check my URL please.

All sorted!

Excellent.. all looks good now thanks!.. Great support! :)

Hi there,

Could you let me know the exact steps to add this script to a wordpress page?


Hi, you have brought the HTML5 Plugin for normal websites, you need the Wordpress Plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/brazil-world-cup-soccer-wordpress-widget/7816831/comments

Hi there!

Complete novice here. Am trying to get the widget to work on my wix site = zero programming skills!

Any help would be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

I cannot do step 2. I don’t have css import header.

2. Include style.css into your css import header:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”./css/style.css”>

All I have is a box in which I must insert code. Have copied code from pdf and pasted. Some text appears, but not the full widget.

Any ideas?

I have tried putting the ‘css code’ before and after the code that was on the pdf. No joy. Can you send a full HTML 5 code that I can insert into the wix ‘code box’?

Hi, the full HTML5 code is shown in the readme and is also in the source files. The problem which you are having is related to your website template. You need to access the CSS file of your website template to add the given code, you can add it to your wix code box. Also it may be 100x easier for you to quickly contact wix support and tell them that you want to add XYZ to the theme

Hi codeoracle, is there any chance of converting the whole script into German? I’d be willing to do all the translation work for you, if you send me the necessary files. Thanks!

Hi Neused, unfortunately I do not currently have the time, but you can edit the php files to ensure all labels are German

thanks for the reply. unfortunately the team names are only included in the php files on your server. I would translate all the team names, labels etc., but you would have to host the German php-files afterwards. of cause I would leave all the rights to you, so you could benefit by offering a German version of your script. any chance?

Hi, Can you check the accuracy of the results? You have Spain beating Chile 2 – 0 But they lost!

This is making us look bad on our website.

Can you correct asap please and check all the other results?


Hello?.. any support?

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