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Can u add admod in game. I will buy it now

Admob is already integrated in the game.All you need to do is provide the ID of your ads (banner and interstitial). However you need to know that: 1) Admob only works on mobile, not in the browser. 2) You need to have an admob account (free) and Construct2 3) You need to publish the app for mobile using XDK. All of this is explained in a PDF guide.

What is today’s update for please?

With today’s update you can easily change/translate the textual content of the game.

Thanks. I assume this is true with today’s update of your other games, right?

Yes,it is.

How do I save the rank of scores? How do we score there, go for a DATABASE, with name and SCORE?

Good evening, I began to edit the game, and after a while playing, the store stops working, together with the best score. Is there any solution for this? For in private window (browser) the game works normal, that is, not editing problem but the error is probably cookies or session.

Why does not the ajax object, to use this project the construct?

The Ajax object is used to load the config.txt file.

Nice Game, I have a few question

  • Why is the plugin (lunarray.litetween) using GetBehaviorSettings() instead of GetPluginSettings()
  • Why is the plugin (lunarray.litetween) using CreateIDEBehaviorType() instead of CreateIDEObjectType()
  • The above issues makes it impossible to open the .capx in the latest construct 2
  • Is there any plans to add Ajax Support to Coins & Score via the config file to enable easy and secure transfer of scores ?

Regards Dayo

Thanks for the prompt response. here is my current construct 2 version

- Construct 2 - Release 227 (64-bit) - Built at 13:55:58 on Apr 2016

Here is the error am getting

- -

Lastly, I think you should consider server-side storage, we are willing to pay extra for this functionality

Hello, Did you install the plugin first ? (Instructions are in FAQ.pdf)
Regarding the Ajax functionality, pm me here with more info:

Hello, I would read the FAQ again and revert. However I just sent a PM to you. Would be expecting your reply.

I have been able to cheat the game and the process is simple

This is most likely a bug …

Hi, Thank you for reporting the issue. It has now been resolved. (cf your mail)

Hello, Thanks for the update and prompt response .. this fixes the problem in large screen but makes the game impossible on smaller screens …. i did not last 5 sec most times … :) I think it has to be based on the canvas size …

OK, I will look into that.