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Nice module, GLWS! :)


Please, could you let me know if this one is going to work on 1.5.2. version?

Hi, I’m affraid it will not work, there are too many changes between 1.5 and 1.6

can this be done with suppliers and manufactureres too


Module works only for manufacturers.

Best regards polcoder

Do you know your demo’s not working? Guess this will work fine with 1.6.1?

You’re welcome :) Going to integrate this into a separate project, just the job. Saves us some time!

Edited, ignore me, was being stupid.

:) In case of any problems let me know.

Hello, could you develop it to Wordpress plugin? I’d like to create the company list page as this demo page by using your script. I’m happy to pay for extra fee :) Thanks.


I’m affraid I don’t work with WP at all my friend.

Best regards polcoder

Are you able to add the brand logos with this module?

Hi once again, I just sent updated version to Envato Review. It includes images and you can choose if content should be centered or left aligned. Best, polcoder

Thanks for doing that!

I just purchased it, but I’m not seeing the option to add the logos in the configuration…

Also, am I able to have it replace the default manufactures page? When it is enabled it gives its own sort of CMS page and the right column content is missing.



If you can’t see images option in configuration tab than download it once again – possibly you have the previous version, now the new one is available.

In default both columns are disabled for this module, if you want to change that open file modules/pbrandslist/controllers/front/brands.php and set right column to ‘true’.

Best, polcoder

Hi. Nice module. When are you planning on releasing an update for Thanks

I have been looking for this for ages! I am really happy that you created it. I can totally wait for the update too while I tweak other stuff. Thanks polcoder!!

I see it´s ready now. Purchasing.

Yes it is, thanks! If you like it don’t forget to rate it ;) Best, polcoder

I would like to have the same function work for categories as well. Can you build one for categories? Or is there a way to change the code of the module to work for categories?

So sorry for late reply. I guess it is possible but the problem is that for next few weeks I will not be able to write it :( I already have too much jobs to do.

we can wait. can you kindly send a quote with the additional features i mention to my email?

Hello, Pls write to support@polcoder.com and I will resend a qutation. Best, polcoder


I just buy you the module, but it seems that I have a problem, some are double letter. Do you have an idea ? how to solve this?

Here’s a link to my site under construction:



Good evening,

Finally, I was able to resolve the situation by correcting brand names. The module is the deference between letters Uppercase and lowercase.



I’m glad you solved it, especially that I can’t access your site at all: http://scr.hu/19nv/2nc93

If you will find any more problems remember to use polcoder.ticksy.com

Best, polcoder

Good evening,

Thank you for responding, in fact, the shop is still under construction.

There is no problem, I just saw the link to a Ticket in doccumentation module.


This is plugin available for Wordpress?

Hi, it’s only for prestashop. Try to ask on Envato Studio, I believe you’ll find a WP developer who will write it. Best. polcoder

Hi, Is this available for WordPress or magneto ? And can i use this with my website http://baizetech.com/ .

Hi, it’s only for Prestashop.

Hi! The module has an error. Duplicated twice lists with the letter D, and the letter H How to fix it?

Hello, problem solved on ticksy. Best, polcoder

not working

Hi, If you found any problem please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com. Best, polcoder

Is possible to show product name as list for selected category

Hi, It’s not possible, but you can use a built-in module to do that – Layered Navigation.

Hi, May i know what is the frontpage url for this module ? (Example: index.php?id_category=14&controller=category)

i mean the frontpage url (not seo friendly url)

Hello, the link is: index.php?fc=module&module=pbrandslist&controller=brands

Thank you !!