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Looking forward to seeing a demo for how it works on front end and a second demo for how it works on back end

Good luck wirh this

As this is an App selling Brands via video – it would be nice to see a video of the branding video app.

Can this app play just audio? ANd can it be imported into an existing project?

Quicktime based files support, easy integration

Thanks for this app. I just purchased.

I have a few questions:

1. How do we integrate Admob? 2. Can it play youtube videos? 3. How do we add our own iAD?

The Xcode5 (iOS7) update will include the iAD

One more question.

I currently have an app that i’m trying to add the branding video player to.

But the app doesn’t have a storyboard. How so i cannot add the storyboard from the branding app. How can i get around this?


Thank you. Hope to have it soon.

Weekend is over now. still waiting..

Great job with the app. I opened the zip, and it ran just like expected. After installing it on my device, here are a few questions and suggestions that I have.

1.) This should be a universal app. What is the best way to make this iPad/iPad Retina ready?

2.) What are the supported file formats?

3.) Do the files formats all have to be the same? For instance (if they’re supported) can I have a WAV file as a selection mixed in with MOV and MP4 files?

4.) I want the videos to be able to play on my HDTV using a connector cable. Right now the sound plays on the TV but not the video. How do I get that to work?


1. iPhone app 2. quicktime based file support, 3. mixed file format list support. 4. Have not tried

1.) I understand that it’s iPhone right now. I want to know if it is possible to change it to iPad. If so, what is the best way?

2.) So I guess you’re saying that any format supported by QuickTime is supposed by the app.

3.) Thanks for clarifying.

4.) Do you have any ideas how to make it work?

It’s been a month with no follow up answers. Can you please respond?

I love this xcode project! Thanks! I was just wondering that I notice that iAds are showng up in the app. How can I remove iAds??

MainStoryboard.storyboard is not opening and xcode quit unexpectedly

1. Can you help me add plist based local data? 2. is it possible add volume control on video player ?

Supported remote data, volume view not support

can you send me code please

Do it notify the play start/pause/end?

start, pause, end, progress

Hi! The videos can be compiled in the same application? To allow the user to download them and view Offline? Thank you very much!

remote plist playlist, online video player

would this app work with ipad also and retina devices ? Thanks !

How do I remove iAds? Also, how do I ad a Background image? It would be great!!

Thx for a Gr8 aplication btw :)

Hi I need a custom music player for IOS If you are interested,please contact me on management@playmee.org Payment will be done before you give me the code.

Hi , I check your portfolio , you have multiple video players. I need an app with this features: Remote plist data video list iPhone 6 , iOS 8 support User can Save videos. Airplay Which product i should buy?

This needs to be optimized for iOS 8…..The app crashes once the custom video player is loaded “of class AVPlayerItem was deallocated while key value observers were still registered with it. Current observation info: <NSKeyValueObservationInfo 0×1558bed0>”

do your app works or not on app store ?

App works in appstore

Do you have some link to app in app store ?

I want to make some video course about learning swedish do you think it is possible with this app ?

hi i need an app like this one, but i can put videos of advertisers hirs, also lock the touchscreen features of the ipad?

It is not suitable for

Can you provide Swift files with this app?


Each programs is swift versions coming soon

do you have it updated? can it use with ios9?