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Is it possible to disable the billing info fields? Any chance of integrating a card swiper? Like this:

Hi jpaytoncfd,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

You can remove billing fields through code editing at the moment.

In regards to card swiper – one of the customers told us that swiper works for them but only on credit card field – it doesn’t read any other info like cvv/expiry for example. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that.

Hi, if we already purchase for one website and then we need the same thing for a separate website, do we need to buy another licence?

Hi fatsteve,

Yes, we only offer single use licenses at the moment so you do have to purchase separate license if you will be using the same product on second site

I’ve just bought it, but I have a question, is there a way to preselect the service/the product? and hide the dropdown?

Basically I want and so on?

Hi iskanderul,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Yes, you can pass URL parameters like so: ?amount=25.99&item_description=some%20description

or if you have a dropdown with service – ?service=3


For any other support questions – please open support ticket at

I noticed the last update mentions 2013. Does this still work and is it still supported?

The demo is down, so that lead me to my concern.

Looks active 7 months ago in the discussion, just want to be sure.

Hi clintre,

Thanks for purchasing our product.

It is supported and demo is working fine – just re-tested it.

If you have any question in regards to using product – please open support ticket at

Is this still supported, demo page doesnt work.

Also is there any difference between your plugin and this one

That other seems not supported anymore.

Hi Matthew,

Just tested the demo of our page and it works fine. What exactly doesn’t work for you?

We do support all our products. If product becomes un-supported, we delete it from the marketplace (this happened only once in our 8 years of being authors).

As for second product you mention – as you see from page description, author does not support the product.

Please let us know if you have any other questions – we’ll be happy to help.

Strange seems to work now for me now, once i tried again…, just as a precaution – this basically makes payments directly through braintree correct?

So the question at the end of day would be that we can integrate into wordpress that is not woocommerce related and only relies on payments and processes through Braintree alone.

It does, yes.

You can integrate into wordpress, though it’s a standalone product and not a wordpress plugin. So you either can integrate it manually (code editing) or use an iframe to show the payment terminal page on the wp page/post.

Edit, answered above

So you basically need payment gateway to accept payments (passing them thru to Braintree) and in addition to payments – it can be monthly recurring subscription creation. In this case – yes, this is what our script does. Our script doesn’t manage your monthly billing, it only creates the subscriptions and then whatever is charged – charged by Braintree on a monthly basis.

Brilliant – Thank you! casually starts looking for his credit card :D

Will purchase :)

:) Glad to help.

If you’ll have any questions after the purchase – we’ll be happy to help through oru support ticketing system at


There any version of Virtuemart 3?



Unfortunately no.