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I have two quwstions. 1) I wont to use this Tournament bracket for commercial use. OK? 2) I want to change the code a bit. exapmple:32teams→36teams; OK?

In fact, neither the regular nor the extended license allow for commercial use “where you charge for the product multiple times” – but I guess we can agree on something that we both find suitable, send me your private e-mail, and we could talk and take it from there.

Thank you for thinking positively! Please contact me :

Hey, just bought Bracketz, looks great. Could you send me the code for 32 and 64 teams? My email is Thanks!

Right away, Thanks.

Hello, I’am thinking on purshase this solution. I have two questions about the template: 1. Is it posible to have rounds of 32 or 64 players ? 2. Can I modify the height of the players boxes in such way that the bracket’s height adapts to the new size ?

Thanks so much.

Hello, Yes I do have a version of Bracketz with 32 teams and 64 teams as well, I have to tell you though that they look very complicated and not easy to use due to the large number of teams, but i do have them and i can send them to u if you purchased Bracketz. About the height, yes it can be modified, but it will need a little understanding of CSS, i can give you guidance on how to do it also after u purchase Bracketz. Best!

Thanks so much!

Hello, quick question before buying. I need to create matches with 4 teams instead of 2 and for each match 2 teams will pass to the next round. Do you support this?


Well, If you need to fit two teams in one box instead of one team, then yes, it’s doable, you could place one teams underneath the other and increase the height of the containing box. this will require a little knowledge of CSS, but I would be happy to help in case you needed that. Best!

Yeah, in this case what I want is to have 16 teams, each match will be with 4 teams (instead of 2), and for the next round should pass 2. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible with a few CSS tweaks.

Dear Sir, Please send me 32 and 64 players code assp .

Ok, i will send it right away. thanks for your purchase.

Dear Sir, Please send me 8 players code assp .