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Great addition to Layers. Thank you for creating. And thank you for the extremely speedy response to my support request! Awesome. :bigsmile:

Thank you! I hope the update will be available very soon for download! :-)

VERY Cool tool for WP Layers! :) I have Two questions. #1 Is boxy used for the image that’s showing the “trees/forest”? #2 Can you put “white space” in-between the boxes? Thanking you in advance for your time. :)

Hi not2bz4you,

q1 – the image above is in a Slider widget, but it is possible to have a single-box row in boxy as well

q2 – currently, there is no space by default, but I’ll update the plugin today to have an option for a gutter

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask! :-)

Best Regards, Krasi

Excellent! :) BTW … very fast response time and it’s greatly appreciated :) P.S. You’ll be getting another sale sometime today or tomorrow :) Thank you VERY much! :)

Hi again,

Just to let you know that I just submitted an update including the gutter option you asked about :-)

Regards, Krasi

Does this do full width boxes? Didn’t see in demo.

Hi alphasigns,

Yes, it has an option for a layout type – full width or boxed.

Regards, Krasi

Hi guys. Little question pre-sale. Can i set a box also in a vertical mode like this? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4444202/boxy.png

Yes, I’ll spend some time tomorrow to add such feature. The release will take up to 24 hours for approval after I submit it, so it will be up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

uuuhh so much love!

Hi cesqo,

Sorry for the delay, but I had no possibility to look after this last few days. The update is submitted at CodeCanyon and will be available very soon.

Best Regards, Krasi

Hi, I’m using Boxy for LayersWP, and wondered if there was a way for me to add a url link to the featured image? This would be really useful. Thanks, Richard

Or add a url to the background image.

Hi rikardoavocado,

I can add such functionality. I’ll release an update in the next 48 hours.

Best Regards, Krasi

Great, thanks. That would be very useful.

Hey, I´m using boxy with one little issue: each time I choose the collums to be set in margins I get a white top margin and I can´t get rid of it. It doesn´t matter which color I set as background, the white top-margin doesn´t disappear… any hints? regards Rainer

PS Wordpress, LayersWP PPS A parallax background would be fine, too ;-)

Wrote twice, first directly to the authors, next here 2 weeks ago. Payed for support, nerver got it. Not amused! Can´t use boxy within this conditions. :(

Hi, I’ve just purchased boxy and have an issue with it which I hope you can help me with? When I set the font sizes it doesn’t seem to pick up the default sizes for my site and the fonts for each size, small, medium and large, always look smaller than the other elements on the page. I’ve managed to edit the css via DevKit to increase them in desktop view but this breaks in the responsive/mobile views. I hope you can help as it kind of makes the plugin unusable. Thanks – Jason

Hi Jason,

This item was not supported for long time and it probably has some issues with the new versions of Layers. Feel free to request a refund and I’ll approve it asap. Anyway, I believe this can be somehow fixed with DevKit. I’ll delete the unsupported items as soon as I’m able to, but by now, I give refunds to everyone who has issues with them. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Krasi

Thank you for getting back to me and offering me a refund. It’s shame it doesn’t work but I understand it’s hard to keep up with all the changes. I’ll send a request and thanks again for your help.

Regards – Jason

Demo isn’t working :(

With me boxy shows all boxes vertically, if I don’t use gutter, what I dont’t want.

Do you still update this, or is it dead?