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http://hughes.webdesignercloud.com/uptime.php script works and reports {uptime days”,memory} http://neo.webdesignercloud.com/uptime.php reports nothing {uptime}

For the life of me, I can’t seem to figure out why I installed the script on 15 very similar VM without an issue.

I reinstalled updated and cleanly installed VestaCP on the VM and still it not working.

Could you please contact us team@elementsoftworks.co.uk and we will be more than happy to look into your problem with you.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

Hello confused here. added the uptime.php to another webserver (Linux Debian /var/www/html/ added in the dashboard but its not loading any data

I like the script so far. Only missing option for login as Admin. Instead editing the config each time is fuzzy for me.

Hey there, are you still having problems with the uptime.php not being able to be read? Thank you for your feedback about the script, we are working to add a login system into the next update :)

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

Really would be interested in this if it offered uptime calculations. For example for each server it would say Uptime: 99.89%.

Also, would it be easy to implement code that would execute if a server went offline? (IE Pushover).

We can look at recording historical data for server uptime. Could you give us an example of what you mean about implementation code if the server went offline? We are planning on adding a feature where you can receive an email/SMS if a server goes offline or reaches a danger level.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

Hi, Just installed the script. It was a pain in the a.. All internal links were redirected to :8888 and I am at a VPS.

First after I removed the whole section in config and the local server with :8888 It worked.

In 99.9% of the scripts I know the host in config is localhost….. maybe the problem lays there?

I managed to solve the problem. I’ll answer you from your profile


Installed the script. Mostly with my own knowledge (HAHA) Everything works now. It ended up as a nice to look at page.

Why I say this is that you for 22 USD can expect to have the possibility to send out an email and SMS when the server/site is down..

What is the meaning of the script now besides looking at server load and RAM .

Money wast.

Reards Johannnes

There is an update coming shortly that will allow you to receive SMS and/or email updates when servers reach certain danger levels or go offline. A few clients have told us they want this feature added from the feedback we’ve received so look out for it coming shortly!

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

How can I integrate the stripe modul? I’ve founnt the form script but were is the status page for the clients?

With the included stripe button/form Where is the stripe call back and user UI skype account place? Is there a admin UI interface regarding this?

above is placed wrong. It was ment for TinytMtr..sorry

Looks good but, instead of % bar, also shows amount of hard drive, ram, all the ips, ipv6, Operating System. and the admin panel, so not everyone can see my servers info. Please confirm if you plan to do this so i can purchase it.

Yes, disk space available and ram available, instead a bar, or below bar, shows exact GB or MB available/used.

Also shows: network ips, operating sistem

Hey again, We’re looking back into this project to release a second version of this. In the new version we will consider adding specific values as well as percentages.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

I’m getting a Internal Server Error. Is my config file wrong? I have changed database info but they are correct. The files (index.php etc…) have been uploaded to the root directory?


<?php ?>

$config['brand'] = "BoxStatus"; // name to display in the navbar
$config['host'] = 'localhost'; // the database hostname (url)
$config['user'] = 'userhere'; // the database username
$config['pass'] = 'password'; // the database username's password
$config['data'] = 'dbnamehere'; // the name of the database
$config['refresh'] = "10000"; // 10000 = 10 seconds, how often to refresh
// if you are running on localhost
$config'local' = "http://" . $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . "/"; // the full base directory
$config'local' = false; // if you want to setup a .htacess file to make clean links
// if you are deploying this project to a server
$config'production' = "http://" . $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . "/"; // the full base directory
$config'production' = false; // if you want to setup a .htacess file to make clean links
$config['admin'] = true; // set this to false once you have set the dashboard up, it will deactivate the ability to manage servers and view the setup page

Fixed it was a permission error :-)

Glad you sorted it out!

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

Can I use this for checking my VPSs? How do I install this? (I understand basic install with mysql etc, but am more thinking about how can a script on one server have access to load, Ram use etc on another server?)

Yes you can use this to check VPSs. Once you purchase this product, the installation guide will explain how to install the scripts and monitor servers.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

What kind of access / rights do I have to monitor a VPS? I have managed VPSs, and therefore I don’t have root access. I have FTP/ SSH access, but not root. Will It still be ok for me to install/ monitor a VPS?

Yes you will be able to install the project just fine as long as you have access to add the files to the server.

As long as the files are visible on a web server the dashboard will be able to pick up the script.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

Hello: Just bought and followed the setup instructions. The main page loads, but when I select a menu item it says This site can’t be reached xxxserver namexxx refused to connect. Search Google for xxxx 8888 stats index ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Also, I am not sure what ‘the full base directory’ means so that could be it. It is in a directory off the html folder call ‘stats’ which is what I put in there. Would love some help, this looks like exactly what we need…

Hi there davelady, Did you manage to get your problem resolved?

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team


is it possible to have custom option (on extra payment)

I am looking for monitoring script with agent based option so i can install agent script on server to which i want to monitor and i can get status and notification on web based dashboard

please advise

Thanks S Hillary

Hey there, That’s completely possible. Would you please get in touch with us via our email address team@elementsoftworks.co.uk

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team