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HI, I just bought the code – can you tell me where i change the banner id and the interstitial screen ID?

Thanks Ofer

Go to Project File \assets\data\PTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes.xml

Hi, Thanks for your answer but i can’t see the interstitial banner. and i’m not getting the banner test ad (as it on other apps):

} 2016-04-28 07:51:46.188 PZPlayer40160:1139776 interstitial error: Error Code=0 “Request Error: Invalid ad request parameter(s). Check the Xcode console for details.” UserInfo={NSLocalizedFailureReason=Request Error: Invalid ad request parameter(s). Check the Xcode console for details., submodel=x86_64, cap_noiap=0, simulator=1, ios_base_sdk=9.2,, u_sd=3, hl=en-us, u_h=736, net_last=wi, u_audio=4, net=wi, platform=iPhone, correlation_id=893520628, ios_metadata={ }, u_w=414, js=afma-sdk-i-v7.2.2, u_so=p, ms=11, NSLocalizedDescription=Request Error: Invalid ad request parameter(s). Check the Xcode console for details., adapters=( GADMAdapterGoogleAdMobAds, GADMAdURLAdapter, GADMAdapterCustomEvents, GADMAdapterHTML )} [PTPlayer] – [PTPScreen] banner will show for: PTPScreenGameField [PTPlayer] – PTPScreenScene – deallocated [PTPlayer] – [PTPScreen] – dealloc [PTPlayer] – [PTPScreenGameField] banner: kAdMob interstitial: kNoAds

Thanks for your about that… Ofer

download the last version from your downloads page , we updated the game.

does this include the build box file?

Hi, I emailed u about some areas where the character gets stuckin one location. you can jump but character does not slide/move. How to fix this? Thanks

I’ll check it

Character 2 and 3 are the ones that get stuck often, character 3 if you jump at the end of the First yellow slide and hit the coner it gets stuck and all it does is that it allows you to jump and but it wont keep going…

thanks for your report, we solved this error and we will make new update for the item.

Hi, Where is the documentation for re skinning and other settings?

this game don’t have In-App purchase

how to unlock the two unlocked characters? and where I can find documentation? Plus where I can find the same advertisement settings that you have shared recently ?

to unlock character you need to get coins

hi, I don’t see admob for IOS as described, I see it for the Android version only?

you can see the circles :

hi, i was referring to the trail left behind by the charcter as it moves

yes , I put a sign on image

HI, I Want to buy this code. Looking Nice. I have some doubts pls answer me. 1. 64 Bit Support 2. I need code without ads and without InAppPurchsase Can u provide? 3. Universal? 4. I am new to Build box Can i upload it to store? Is it runs on Xcode?

Hello, all = yes :)