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Well done, best of luck! :)

Thanks mate. :)


What do you mean with:

Now you don’t need to pay a single penny to buy cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox etc.).

Pricing box.com https://www.box.com/en_GB/pricing/


There’s also a free personal plan: https://www.box.com/pricing/personal/ and old Box.com users have 50GB space ;)

1 – limited space for User? 2 – account upgrade? 3 – file sharing? 4 – edit users, banning, enable, disable …?

Hi, Thank you for your feedback. However, would you mind to clarifying more regarding the account so it will help us to provide you most suitable information.

Also, file sharing, edit users, banning users => enable or disable option would be added in future update. Limited space for particular user feature would be great if this could be possible. However, we can’t confirm about this yet.

Also, today we’ll submit version 1.1 that will come with files thumbnail and file delete feature.

Am I able to join with Dropbox pro ?

Hi, Just to let you know that Box version 1.2 has been submitted for review. We hope this will be available within next 24 hours. The new v1.2 contains the Dropbox feature and some other features. You can find the full change log on the Item details page. The Box v1.2 is already available on the demo site. If you like you can review the demo site.

I hope you find the above information helpful.

good, but from where could I determine either I will use dropbox.com or box.com , and that’s for both user or admin ?

You can choose your default storage from the settings -> choose default storage options and it will available for both users and administrators.

will buy on future update

Hi, Just to let you know that Box version 1.2 has been submitted for review. We hope this will be available within next 24 hours. The new v1.2 contains the Dropbox feature and some other features. You can find the full change log on the Item details page. The Box v1.2 is already available on the demo site. If you like you can review the demo site.

I hope you find the above information helpful.

hello, can you add google drive/amazon cloud service soon?

Hi, If our customers (like you) require the Google drive or Amazon S3 soon then we can make consideration to add them as soon as we can. However, as the sale is pretty low it may take some delays.

We’ve also a plan to release a new product that will replace the Dropbox service.

if you can add mega.nz as a storage this would give 50gb free. this should be easy to sale.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Yeah, I had a plan to add Mega and Google drive too. However, these may take little time to ensure we at-least get the minimum sale. If not then we’ll develop a new product completely that will replace Dropbox.com and we’ll integrate all the cloud host API with it.

Can it save the files locally instead of cloud?

Unfortunately, there’s no local file storage feature on it as this has been built for store your files on the cloud to prevent the files backup hassles.

Does it support 3rd party application that’s compatible with s3? Can you define the url?

It doesn’t support 3rd party URL. It come with Box.com and Dropbox support which is similar to S3. However, we’ve a plan to integrate S3 in future.

What would be cool, is the ability to share files via email with clients/friends/family etc. I’ll definitely buy then!

It would be a nice feature to add. I’ve added it on my todo list and will be added in the future release :)

Can a Phone Number Field Be Added to the Registration Form?

Sure. It would be easier to add. If you’d like I can add it on the future release or I can modify this only for specific to you.

Is there a price for this or if not give me a private email address to send the Login Information and FTP DB ?

You can send us an email here: echo@vardump.net so we can discuss regarding the customisation you require.

Can I purchase it and host it on my own server such that my files are uploaded to my own server instead of yours???

This application will host everything on your account, not ours. All the files will immediately available on your Box.com or Dropbox account after successfully upload. So, of-course you can buy it and host it on your server. I hope this helps :)

Ok, I wish to use it on my own server. Materials to be archived are quite sensitive and I can trust DropBox or Box.com. Will purchase then. Pls I hope you’ld stand by for technical assistance too and I’m quite impressed at your response here and I hope it continues after product is purchased.

I fully understand your situation and your privacy. The application doesn’t store anything on local to ensure all the files are safe on a remote cloud server (e.g. Box or Dropbox) which is why this application has been created. I full understand when security and backup come to first place to ensure all my files are safe and secure. As this application will store everything on a remote place everything is fully secure and safe even when 3rd party have got your server access.

Also regarding the technical support, I’m available for support 24×7 (except sleep, launch/dinner etc.). I hope this helps :)

Demo not working. Upload goes to 40% then starts the upload process again. This then gets to 44% and the page goes blank.

Upload is VERY slow. I tried a 5mb file with a 10mb upload speed and it took way too long.

Hi, Sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue. The demo site has been restricted to upload maximum 2 mb file size as such you’re experiencing the issue. Please, try to upload a file which is less than 2 mb file size on the demo server and everything should work fine as expected.

Note: When you’ll setup it on your own server there we’ll not place any restriction.

Hi – can the admin share a file with ‘All users’?

Unfortunately, this isn’t available at this moment. However, we’ve a plan to add share files between admin and users.

Great creation. Can I use this for my clients also after purchasing once?

Thanks for your kind words. Absolutely, you can use it only of your one client. However, if you want to use it for your multiple clients then you’ll need to either buy multiple times or buy an extended license I believe.

hi im gett this : Whoops, looks like something went wrong. when i try to add a user after install

Link : http://box.sapphire-servers.com/

We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. Could you please send us an email directly to our support email address (echo@vardump.com) so that we can investigate this issue further?

Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain vardump.com [].

Oops. Apologies for the type. The correct address would be: echo@vardump.net :)


kjhay Purchased

Looks very promising. Just a couple of Q’s thanks!

• Please, create a database and database user by using your hosting control panel or using the relevant shell commands.

Do we just create a database with a user anywhere ? Does it have to be a specific name or location?

• Now you can install the application by visiting the install page (e.g. http://yourdomain/install).

I can’t seem to find this URL ?

Hi, Thanks for your comment.

You identified multiple queries that you want us to address. We’ll address them in order.

  • You need to create a database and a database user as you normally would using your hosting control panel. The most hosting control panel comes with cPanel, so there should be an option to create the database.
  • The installation URL would be your site URL. This means if your site URL (where you installed the application) is example.com, the installation URL would be example.com/install. So, there’s no need to find the URL in anywhere.

Please let us know if you’ve any questions.


kjhay Purchased

Thanks for the very fast support – will contact via echo@vardump.com to ask about some custom work for us.

For your convenience, our email address is echo@vardump.net. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the .com domain ;)


i had some before buying questions,

I have a Graphic design company i would like that i can let my customers make an account on this or give them a account. with their folders they need. can i also charge them for this option?

Thank you for your time,


Hi, Thanks for your query.

You can let your customers create their account. Whenever your customer create an account, a new folder will be created automatically with their associated email address.

can i also customize it that i can give them an account? and can i charge extra for it? Thanks for the quick response!


Thanks for following up with us.

By default, all of your registered users will get an admin account automatically. So you don’t need to customise anything. Once an user registered to this application, they’ll have their own account with their dashboard.

Please let us know if you’ve any questions.

still no update for GDrive support?

Unfortunately, the Google drive support isn’t available since there is not much demand.

Hello, I’m trying to get a cloud storage business and would like to know if you can integrate this script with amazon and google?

Hi, Thanks for your interest in our products. Unfortunately, the Amazon and the Google drive are not available and we don’t have any plan to add it very soon.

i had alot of problems with this script , if you can help me fix my problem i will change the ratings to 5 stars

When a user tries to access his folder it tells you don’t have permission

We believe you have already sent us an email regarding this 5 hours before (if we’re not wrong). Kindly, could you please contact us through our support email: echo@vardump.net and we’d be happy to assist you.

Demo is not working