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very nice! does it work in IE7 and IE8 too?

and yes it does work!

but i personally don’t recommend them.

Very attractive. Your demo does not contain submenus of submenus, however. How does it handle those?

thank you.
submenus of submenus is not supported yet, but that would be an update for next version.

Nice Work, i Like it :)

thank you, appreciate it!

great work!

a question : I dont want to use can I avoid it also keep menu heights smaller ? if I delete bootstrap menu heights seems higher


thanks for your feedback!
You are right the submenus are getting higher, I just updated the file and is waiting for review, you can contact me via email so I can send you the plugin right away.
Or just add this peace of CSS to the plugin:
    line-height: 20px;


lightfast support! I put this line into menu.css and worked.
a feedback: its very responsive (sensitive?)+lightweight on ipad3 too.

Glad you like it!

Hi – thanks for this. it saved me lots of time :). Is it possible to keep the submenu open on the active section e.g. if I go to the “About Us” section with submenus “Overview, Profile”; we would like to keep the menu open whilst browsing the submenus – am I making any sense?


Hi, the url is not working, but I think I know what do you mean now, well in the page that you want the menu to load with a submenu open, lets say in the “Overview” page, you need to paste this javascript code at the end of the page:
in the script code is assuming that you menu that you want open is the li tag that has a class of red, if you have it with a different class just change red for that class, if it doesn’t have any class then add one and change the word red in the script for the name of that class. (remember that the ”.” before red is necessary when you are referencing a class).
Hope it make sense, Regards.

Spot on! Thank you so much!!

your welcome :)

Any WP plugin version of this planned?

Currently there’s no plans for that

how to NOT have the menu COLLAPSE when clicked on a link?

you mean when you open a new page you want the menu not collapse showing the selected page?

In your demo I see that the main menu items are linked as <a>item</a> Except the ‘Event’ item that has a link like <a href="index.html">Events</a> The ‘About’ also but that one points to a page directly.

When I change that with Firebug into <a>Events</a>, it also works. What’s the difference?

Hello, that is to show you that since the Events link has a drop down menu (when you click it) then no matter if it has a link specified it will not link to another page it will just show the drop down menu

Ah clear, thank you

My accordion is not working in IE9. can I email you the link?

I sent you an email, make sure to add this line at the top of your HTML page:
<!doctype html>


It is possible to change the font of the menu? I´m very interested to buy this menu.

Kind regards.

yes you can change it with CSS ;)

Great work. Really impressive!

Thank you :D