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It’s not a multilevel game. Project is for Android Studio

Hi, I download and to play the game. I have some question.

1. Can I edit the play time to more longer like 1 min 2. Interstitial ad can i edit to ever 3 game over that show up.

If the 2 question can be edit i will buy it.


1)Time you can edit in one line. 2) You need to make changes in the source code yourself

Do you have the document for 1 and 2 to show us how to do it? or we need to find someone to do it. or after i purchase you can guide me to edit it?

In documentation I explain the structure of the project and all code contains comments. But I don’t do customization of my games. So all changes you want to do you must to do yourself.

How many levels are there ?

It’s not a multilevel game

Is for Android Studio?

there is in app purchase inside???

Hi, 1. Do you help us in stetting up and running in your code? I mean any issues in importing project. 2. Is there any document to know where and all we need to change IDs ( Google play games app id, leaderboard id)