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I want to integrate your code in a Wordpress project. But when I put the code on my page I have this error : “Uncaught TypeError: $(...).tooltip is not a function” .

Do you have an idea of where it may come?

Hi. It may be that you should use jQuery(...) instead of $(...) when using with WP. Otherwise it’s a javascript conflict that breaks further execution such as your tooltip script. This could be anything and would require further inspection in the browser’s console to debug.

Hi. I try to replace $(...) by jQuery(...) but still have the same error. I put this in the example_bullets.html : $.noConflict(); ans replace $ by jQuery but still have the same error : Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).tooltip is not a function

A tooltip is not part of Boutique and/or of example_bullets.html though.

To be of any more help I’d need to look into an online example to investigate the situation. You can send me the link via my profile page if it’s private.


Will your slider support reading images from a folder, instead of hard coding each URL?


Hi. Not out of the box (not possible to achieve with HTML/javascript). You’d have to use a server-side language like PHP to scan the folder and dynamically write the HTML markup for each image.

Cant seem to upload?

I’m afraid you’re trying to install this as a WordPress plugin or such, but it is a standalone jQuery plugin.

Hello we are trying to customize the carousel and it seems that we can use fixed visible numbers of frames 3 or 5 how can we change it to 7??

Hi. Sorry, only 3 or 5.