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Add Admob and more feathers not to heavy but for free. AM ready to buy.

The game currently has multiple Ads Network showing up, you can either choose to use the already integrated Ads and change the IDs or replace with Ads of your choice. Thanks

what was the new update?

The update won’t affect the apk, I only did some files cleaning and provided better screenshots.


can the icon: remove “Muva Studios”?

Hi Apsag, The icon Muva Studios can easily be removed. I can help you out. Thanks

and the name?

Yes, it can also be changed.

is there an apk file that i can download, so that i can try the game first?

Davyx38, you can find the game on the google play store. Here is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.muvastudios.bouncymonkey

Code contains errors And the seller does not answer my questions

Alright, will get back to you through the email.

Thank You are wonderful and very patient The problem has been resolved The seller continues to me and has to solve the problem

THANK YOU ahmedmail215, It’s my duty to give the best customer service. I am glad you are happy with the support provided.

Thank you for a wonderful game Excellent Seller

Any update ?

Excellent GLWS ;)

Thank you