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Awesome Game! Good luck with sales! :)
You should post a video or something so we can test it before buy it!

Thanks gikdew, i will upload shortly.

HI ,

As you have mentioned about Admob but i could not find the library.There are no classes for Admob and in app purchases. Please let us know about those classes.


Hi, admob are AppDelegate.m file and in app purchases is menuscene.m file.

Are you kidding me? This app was released and then removed from envato some weeks ago. I posted a comment asking for a complete and precise documentation (which was entirely missing) and puff disappeared. Now it comes back with just slightly different name!! Bounce Ball – now Bouncing Ball… Are you cheating or what?

Hi alapergola. I am a new in codecanyon.

Are we able to submit it to the App Store the way it is, or do we need to reskin it?

You can upload to App Store directly.

Are you planning on updating this to iOS 9?

Yes, update is coming shortly

game has 64 bit support and iphone6s plus screen resolution support?