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Hey dude,

So I just spent a couple of minutes with bottle on your demo. I ll be frank here: I don’t get it. What is bottle for? :D I read all your description, had a look at the backend and clicked around. It is beyond me still ;).

Cheers Constantin

simply you can upload some files in back end page and set their preferences (like access privileges ,lists …..) and bottle give you download link for these files you can use to direct your clients to download page .

I hope i you read also these articles

and i will try to clarify that again in codecanyon

Kind Regards

This is so Awesome Man! I’m glad you put in the hunched over hours on this one!

My only reservation is this: Will my host probably terminate my account if the bottles have music and photos in them?

Do you know of any good hosts who won’t care?

Thanks a ton, Nick

Hi lynchpin22

Actually no host can terminate your files you can upload any thing provided your storage don’t ended . the only thing you need is host where you can install wordpress ,that’s all

Kind Regards

Can you fix the live demo?

problem with my website as you redirected to it for further info,and it fixed now.


Hey, I like your plugin and want to help you with translation. I can offer you a German translation ;)

I have bought your plugin. And i have some ideas, if you are interessted.

Some ideas

  • Maybe you can add a download button, not a simple text with title which is leading to the download page.
  • And i want to open this links with my lightbox. Is it possible to add a options allowing me to add the rel=”prettyPhoto” for the link?
  • Maybe some categories for the files?
  • A overview page with all downloads?

Hi black_op,

Please check you email .


Great Concept dude! Only problem is that the demo is confusing for those who come for the first time. I love the idea, I will get it this weekend :)

Thanks axakor, I will try to make demo better.


I have a pre-buy question. I need to know if I am able to set a login for a specific link within a website for only specific users to login to. Additionally, will this plugin give me the capability to see what users have logged in, and how many times they have logged in to view informational material. All of this seems as it is possible with this plugin.

Also, can the users sign up, or request for a password, or are the subscribers manually added?

Thank you,

you can explore this screenshot


I get a “Sorry, You Don’t Allow To Download These Files” error message.

Thank you,

actually when you visit download page, plugin create session like login session to remember you . so each time you change files settings and like to test plugin access permissions, you should return to ideal case by clearing all browser cookie (or clear all history) to remove old session. also you should consider that plugin detect if you logged in wordpress. why this! because plugin should work with real visitors so each time you change file settings it should end all old sessions to apply new access permissions. also subscribers or users don’t have to enter password or email each time they access download page (only one time so sessions should exist).

hi team, I purshesd this yesturday, but i have a problem when trying to upload file, when uploading and press upload:

You attempt to save without uploading any files .Please upload file into tmp directory

Please let me know if there something there?