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Pretty cool – one thing I see is when you shoot, sometimes it will highlight the text at the top so on the next shot, nothing happen – I found by double-clicking, you can improve your score because the first click releases the highlighted text and the second one allows you to shoot…

Also the hit area seems to a bit off unless it was from lag or something like that… I think lag maybe because the sounds lagged as well…

thanx for your comment Maxxscape .. yes there is a highlight in the game when double click ,as you say .. I think its a result of html platform.. the best performance of the game is in explorer .. finally , the game was built on html 5 , thus , there are some sound support problems on different browsers …

Yes there is a  fire lag ,  but its not a  bug , its  a normal option of  the game ..  So , Sounds work best in explorer ...

Thanx Minimo… :)

Thanx for the information Chris .I will make changes, in soon ..

I am using Adobe Edge 2014.1. I purchased this file but when I go to open the .an file Edge creates a new folder with the file and names it “upgraded.” However when I try to play the html it doesn’t work and when I try to generate a preview html from the .an file I get the same result, just a blank black screen. Can you advise what might be causing this?

Hello …thanx for buying ..send mail pls ..

I purchased this game but unfortunately it does NOT seem to be working in Internet Explorer (tested in IE 11)

hello .sorry for my late reply ..pls contact me via mail

Hi, the same problem like RBish :( Regards W

hi check your mail pls ..

I am interested in buying this to place on my web site. How would I place this in my muse site?

Hello .Thanx for interesting my application..You could see it in the preview page ..that page was created by muse .if you want to get more information , send mail pls ..