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Is it possible stats for -
  1. Operating Systemwise – Stats & Chart
  2. Browserwisev-Stats & Chart
  3. Countrywise – Stats & Chart

Hi, Our script track spider bots like googlebot, bingbot,... and not users The bots don’t provide Operating Systemwise,Browserwisev & Countrywise If you want to track spider/crawler bot, this script is for you ! if you want to track users, use Google Analytics or other kind of script. Hope we answer to your question

Useful script, specially to the SEO community! If I may suggest, change the top nav menu to a sticky menu and add a ToTop button to the bottom of the page to make it easier to navigate and scroll up & down, otherwise this is a useful tool and I may buy it after your modification. GLWS!

Hi, thank you. About your suggestion, we’ll integrate them in the next new version

Hi, How many pages it can crawl ?

Hi, You just need to install “one line code” in all pages you want to track. There is no limitations, so yes, you can install in all your pages (for exemple in the header or footer)

This is NOT an uploadable plugin and requires this work to function? Seriously?

How it works? Open the folder “upload/track/”. Then, open the file “config.php”. You need to input your mysql database credentials on row 3-6, the admin area access (the id and password), and the array of bots. For information, we choose to use the bot array in a php file because if it is in the mysql database, then, the script will be longer to charge. And for this kind of script, we think that the rapidy is the key. You can add use reverse DNS for verification. If you don’t use reverse DNS then it is very likely that your data will not be an accurate reflection of actual robot visits. Upload all the files and folders included in the “upload” directory to your webspace using an FTP program (smartftp). All files that end in .php and .html have to be uploaded in ascii mode. In a PHP environment, run the “install.php” file If you got a success message, delete the file “install.php”, and you can login to admin area (http://...../admin)

Hi, what’s your point ? how can we help you ?

It works with blogger? how to make it work via javascript

hi, you can install the script outside blogger, and add the code in the blogger option of the theme

Congratulations! Good luck

thank you