Bots Crawlers Analytics

Bots Crawlers Analytics

Track & analyse search engine spiders

It can be very interesting to track the passage of the Google robot (or other search engine bots) on your site. You will be able to derive a lot of useful information such as the health of your links, the efficiency of your menu, depth, etc. In addition, the frequency of passage of Googlebot is a true barometer of the performance of your website in general.

What are Bots, Spiders or Crawlers ?
The first thing to understand is just what a Bot or Spider is. They are basically automated computer programs, not people, that are hitting your website.

Spiders, Bots, Crawlers & JavaScript
Most of spiders bots don’t read or process the Javascript code on your site, so many Analytics Apps can’t see them, so they can’t record this kind of informations, and you can’t track them.

But with our script, it’s over ! Our simple installer gets you set up in minutes. You just have to insert one line code in your website, and after that, you can access to all the stats in your admin area.

Unlimited use cases :

  • Usually, we install this script to our new website, to see from when Google, Bing, and other search engines will crawl ths website. Sometimes, it can be a long time, so we submit again the website.
  • You notice that suddenly, your website becomes very slow : analyze peak crawl times
  • What page is the most frequently visited by crawlers (know if there is a mistake in you xml sitemap)
  • ...

Just see te demo, and you will see how it’s very easy ! No need to be an IT professional to install and use this script


  • The script include a comprehensive guide to help you step by step
  • Design clean and interactive graph design.
  • No API or external services required !
  • Add as many as you want bots
  • 100% source code
  • Optimized source code for better speed
  • Setup Wizard (simple installer file)
  • Powerful analytics tool

Requirements : PHP (V5+) + MYSQL

Demo area : User : admin, Password : admin