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Does BotPlug support IPv6?

Yes. BotPlug treats the IP Address of each request as a string and will work for both incoming IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Can i translate the “Bot or Not? page and “Pop Quiz! numbers” to another language?

Yes! The public facing portions of BotPlug support localisation through the infrastructure built into WordPress.

Will BotPlug cause any problems with Search Engine Crawlers?

In theory, no – as long as you don’t configure the thresholds too low. Most search engines are pretty good at trying again later (and some actually slow down if your website takes longer to respond).

Although BotPlug does analyse all traffic, the default settings should only restrict (or temporarily block) “bad” crawlers e.g. those that are likely to impair the performance of your site in the first place (Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other main ones are better behaved).

If you DO have problems (or are seriously concerned) about this, you can whitelist the IP addresses or range patterns for “known good” crawlers to prevent BotPlug analysing them.

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