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Hi, does it work for multivendor? My need is to configure home delivery food delivery site with woocommerce multivendor. Then set up the search menu and order home, Thank you

hello subitoweb
We will try update next time
Thanks you

someone was hacking my site using this plugin

hello theodisbutler
Why do you know someone is hacking my site using this plugin? Thanks you

nevermind. sorry. I just see my apache logs saying that this bot url is showing up as the referrer. Love this software though! 5 stars!

Thanks you

When does a new update come out…?

Hello Edenl
What would you like to update?
Thanks you

You say to subitoweb “We will try update next time” (configure home delivery)

This is a pre-sale question. I’ve been trying to install another bot to work with my site. The submission process is a nightmare on fb! Is this bot different? Fb is asking for a screencast etc for is module pages_messaging_subscriptions – will it be the same with this bot?

Also, does this auto send receipts and suggestions when a customer buys from the site?


Hello garethmilton
This bot requests permission “pages_messaging”. which anyone can use
Thanks you

Is this still being updated/supported?

Hello arzieh
Sure, we will update and support.
Thanks you

will you support in getting approval from fb to run the bot ?

Sure, I will help you.
Thanks you

Hi i have a question, mostly of our messages in facebook involve the product inquiry from our woocomerce site and also physical store location of our branches, can this plugin handle the question regrading store location, for example if the customer will chat, do you have a store in xxx, the bot will check if we have a store in that location and reply the address and contact information, and if we dont have a store it will also reply, Sorry we dont have a store in xxx.

Hello ReyCasper21
it supports.

Wow thank’s do you have a documentation on how to setup this one, especially on creating the bot on the facebook side.

You can read a document included in the product.

How to implement it into a site? I touch there will be chat icon on site.

Also when i click on KEYWORD, than ADD new message – i see a white screen with button – UPDATE, nothing more.

Can you send a ticket and we will check it.
Thank you

10 days gone – no answer from you

where is the demo link?

Hello beixiaoyi
Can you click “Live Preview”
Thank you

Does this project still alive?

Sure, it works.
Thank you

When you will take a look into my issue? 20 days gone no any answer yet

Sorry, We will check it now.

Want to ask about refund. 20 days of waiting for checking bugs from your side – is too much, plugin not works at all.

Hi. Is this plugin create messenger bot that is able to show wp post categories & posts, except from products? And, for the checkout what payments gateways does it use? Finally, is there any limitation in broadcasting a message to all users that they have used the bot? TIA

Yes, it is supported.

Does it work with my personal profile? Or is it just for fanpage?

Hello SirSolari
it just for fanpage