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Nice! Your plugin is modern and stylish… i believe you should change your thumbnail for a one that matches your work.

Thanks! piruchex…..i will definitely work on that.

Hello fonfon6666, thanks for the observation. Yes it is similar but you can not replicate and sell items “as is”. The inspiration for this collection is derived from mobile style menus, this collection comes with several menus not included there.If you purchase this item you will see several menus that i didn’t include in the demo.

But the css files is the same of Codrops, you have only replaced “codrops” with “logy” in demo.css. And style1.css is exactly the same of Codrops.

Please, Show more demo, because I do not want to pay for something that I can have free of charge.

Hello fonfon6666. Am going to change the demo page for your peace of mind and add a few more examples.

This is a nice item, i like the fact that you have menus for all the areas of the screen

Thanks for the purchase…..

I already expressed my concern to you that your item is a copy of our demo. The effects and styles are exactly the same, which we explicitly ask for not to do (as in “don’t republish as-is”).

But since you insist that it is only “similar” I asked you to link to the respective article on Codrops so that people are aware of what this is based on. But not even that you did, you just point to our site.

If you don’t have the intention to deceive people and if your resource has some added value to our free one, then why don’t you add the link to our article in the description? http://tympanus.net/codrops/2013/09/30/animated-border-menus/

I have referenced it to that link as we earlier discussed

Thanks!! jasmin22

This is an EXACT ripoff of Codrops animated border menus… 1:1 exact copy. Don’t charge for other peoples work!


Hi, if you actually bothered to read the description. I fully credit the author of the original item and if you actually purchase this you would see i have tweaked with a number of things and added some more functionality. The envato team is well aware and so is the author her self.

Hi, how do I add files?

Thank you!!

Ciao, ho comprato i file ma non so come usarli e dove metterli nel mio tema “ENFOLD”... Spero che tu mi puoi aiutare perchè sono non esperto e ho bisogno di una risposta semplice… dove mettere esattamente i file…


Hello, I bought your files but do not know how to use them and where to put them in my essay “Enfold” ... I hope you can help me because I’m not an expert and I need a simple answer … where exactly to put files ..


And then???

I still waiting…

On the page where you want to implement the menu add these links in your head section

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”css/normalize.css” /> <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”css/icons.css” /> <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”css/bottom_center_style.css” />

The last line refers to the menu you want to implement in this case we are implementing the bottom center menu. Edit and customize your menu names in the UL section by adding this at the top, right after your opening body tag.

<nav id=”bm-bottom-center” class=”bm-bottom-center”> Menu
  • About
  • Skills
  • Work
  • Blog

//all other content on the page will go here

<!- /container ->

after your closing body tag at the end of the page add these files <script src=”js/classie.js”></script> <script src=”js/borderMenu.js”></script>

I hope this helps. you can also send me an email through my profile showing exactly where you want to implement the files and i can help you integrate..

Amazing work! Really great! =)