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Awesome set of components. Bookmarked. Good luck with sales, should do well.

The demo isn’t responsive, which kind of makes it hard to really test this out…

Yeah that’s true. I’ll make a responsive demo asap.

Hi dcburnquist, Great set of components. Bookmarked.

Email sent re:demo site..

Thanks Kevin.

Good job, bookmarked for future purchase!

Good luck!

Hi there,

How do you create the left-hand side vertical menu in the demo?

I want to create that menu.

Can the product allow me to create that menu?



This menu (javascript) comes with Bootstrap, here is the link:

Overall a really nice of components to make dev a bit easier.

One thing that was a bit disappointing was that the Google maps are via iframe instead of jquery. Does not allow for control and when someone clicks for directions on the map it takes them off the site to Google.

Still nice overall.

Looks great.

Does support Bootstrap 3.0 ?

Haven’t tested on bootstrap 3 yet, but it should work. Email me if you find any bug on Bootstrap 3.0

I would like to know if it works on Bootstrap 3, as well. The site I am using this on is moving to Bootstrap 3 plus I think it would help sales if you could state that it does, indeed work with 3.

But most of the elements should work.

I looked at the underlying code. Anything that uses ‘span’ would have to be manually changed. A cursory inspection suggests that many features would not work with Bootstrap 3 out-of-the-box.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll update it to work with bootstrap 3 as soon as possible.

Just include the plus.js and plus.css in my project which is based on bootstrap3, unfortunately, you sample code for mega menu cannot show properly

Its for Bootstrap 2, I’ll update for Bootstrap 3 soon.

Hello can you please add this to my existing bootstrap on my server ?

Email me the access, I’ll add it.

hello i have responded to this

Yap got it, replied.

Great stuff. How’s the Bootstrap 3 compatible version going?

To be honest, its not our number one priority right now :D, but I’ll do it in my free time.

Its compatible with bootstrap 3.1.1?

Nope, it only works with Bootstrap 2.x

Then if your not going to update and show your customers some loving at lest update your open image to say 2x in the title and image so your not miss selling.

Hi, thanks, you’re right, I’ll do it.