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Hello Cocoacart, can I use this in Dreamweaver CS6?

Yes you can open the application on any HTML editor. This is only css, html and javascript

Hello im interested in this script. Looks great and simple to use. Is it possible to add a Discount Coupon code or Multiple item discounts ?

No discout coupons for now but you can apply specials on prices

So i went ahead and purchased the script. So far all is good except a couple things i get this error “An error occurred while accessing payment/embedded-api.php try again.”

On your documentation you might want to update the website for Paypal as it goes directly to eBay. However i managed to get the link and API needed here

I have put in all the information needed but still get the error above.

Would appreciate a hand..

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geez no support or reply


Thanks for the note for the documentation

This error is related to a bad configuration for paypal API. If you are doing the test using Firefox, open the debug console and check the error details

Thanks but that really doesn’t help. I’m also assuming there will be no new updates for your script. thanks for the reply but looks i will have to consider other options.

I have this problem:

php error message -> did not received any response from PAY request

Thank you.

Hi is it possible to integrate your shopping card on my website which is made on bootstrap (HTML). Let me know about it.

Regards Shankar

Yes it is possible, you need to copy the cart in your header respecting the div and ids, import the javascript and used the same technique to add, remove items in your cart. For the inventory, just copy the html and javascript. We can do it for you if you want

Hi everyone,

Somebody can help me to find THE X-PAYPAL-APPLICATION-ID please.

I try to looking for on my paypal account, but find NADA !

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Can you tell please what is the name of the file where to put my BING KEY, please ?

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Sorry, this is a mistake.

Hi, hope you got the X-PAPAL-APPLICATION-ID, this is the ID for your application, you can follow the instructions here

Hi cocoacart, after setting up the solution it connects fine with PayPal and creates the transaction .txt file in the file system, but browsers throw the error ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE, related to some certificate from PayPal. I am not being able to obtain this certificate for my Sandbox account. Do you know how to bypass this requirement? Thanks.

OK I understand. Thanks. I guess for Production environment I need to download the certificate from PayPal.

No in production you won’t have anything to do since they have valid certificates

OK, much better. Thanks for explanations.

can i se admin

this have an admin panel?...if is yes, publish the screenshots. please

Hello much like adminworld I have a bootstrap website that I want to integrate the cart with.

Hi I purchased this on Oct 15, I am trying to edit and customise HTML but cannot find the HOME page where I need to change text under slider and other product pages. How do I reach the HOME page ?

how do i integrate this in a html/css3 template ?


1.Are things saved to a database? If not, can they be?

2. Can shipping cost be added?

3. Can customer how own account on our site so they can login to begin their checkout from there?