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Great Work ! Will be update ?

Thank You for motivating comment.
Updates? Yes, of course ;)

Will be awesome !)

Great item.

Bookmarked to purchase later.

Awesome :) Will work lovely with my Bootstrap GUI site.


Thank You for comment.
I’m glad You like my work :)

Honestly I wasn’t amazed at all, but when I saw that like button down, I simply just wanted to buy it, can’t really explain. 5 / 5 stars cheers

Thank You for purchase, comment and rating :)
I am happy that You like my product.

what is the correct way to add these to input buttons

Hi, Thank You for purchase :)

In each case You need add .icon-animated-{effect_name} class to icon element.
Adding subelement to <input> element is default not possible in bootstrap without any hacks.
Anyway, the best way is replacing input elements to button elements.

Please check this:
Bootstrap documentation – icons

perfect! good work pal!

Thank You bro :)

Any thought to making this work with FontAwesome?

Now will work with FontAwesome :)

Looks nice, I like it too. :)

Thank You.
By the way, update is coming :)

Works like a charm in most browsers, but animation in opera not working. I look into this, you need add some stuff like -o-transform in the css file… Is a .less file planned for better integration in future ;-)

Hi, in my opera all working fine.
Support for older versions been added in coming update. Thank You for comment.

And I think about less :)

After include your css, bootstrap “Button dropdown menus” stops working. If I remove css file bootstrap.animated-icons.css then it works great. How to fix it?

I check it. Please be patient :)

This line cause the problem *[class^=”btn”] { overflow: hidden; }

Very nice ! Bookmarked to purchase later an extended licence. :D

Do you have plans for more animations ? :D Or other features ?

I’m glad You like it :)
I think product will be updated soon.

Hello, I have buyed an extended licence. I want to thank you for this awesome plugin and wait for updates ! ^^ Good luck to sales !

Is this working with bootstrap 3?

No, Bootstrap 3 is not supported.
If You are interested modification for Your version please send me email.
Thank You.

Do you plan on upgrading it to boostrap 3? I am sure your customers will want you to update sooner than later.

No, im not plan upgrade to Bootstrap 3 because bootstrap 3 is less popular.

Very nice job but, i think you should consider again about releasing on bs3 ; )

Preview don´t work i like to see this tool

Please try again, for me is working fine.

Does this work with Bootsrap 3.2.0?

Will this work for the latest Bootstrap?

Can a version for zurb’s Foundation?

Is there anyway to get this to work with the latest Bootstrap?

Can these style be applied to buttons, currently styled with bootstrap?