Trex Builder lite - HTML Builder V2.0

Trex Builder lite - HTML Builder V2.0


Trex Builder lite is a tool that help to create the Bootstrap html file by drag and drop, it helps create html files faster that will save you tons of time working.

Trex Builder lite Features

  • Unlimited html projects
  • Unlimited html files
  • Create, edit, download, delete html project
  • Create, edit, download, delete html file
  • Design html file with drag and drop component elements
  • Support preview html file
  • Support test environment for desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Support bootstrap theme
  • Breadcrumb for bulder
  • Web Template support
  • 30 component elements

Component elements

  • Anchor
  • Blank Space
  • Blockquote
  • Box
  • Button
  • Counter
  • CSS Code
  • Deviders
  • Display Html Code
  • FAQ
  • Form
  • Google Map
  • Headline
  • Html Code
  • Icon
  • Image
  • Input Text
  • Javascript Code
  • List
  • Navbar
  • Portfolio
  • Pricing Table
  • Row
  • Section
  • Tab
  • Team
  • Text Block
  • Text Heading
  • Textarea
  • Video


PHP 5+ with ZipArchive, FTP
Mysql 5+


Trex Builder lite - HTML Builder V2.0 2016-12-03
- Change name to "Trex Builder lite - HTML Builder" 
- Refine source code.
- Changed UI Design more beautiful.
- Updated toolbar design.
- Added Web template and landing page template.
- Added Section component.
- Added List component.
- Added Headline component.
- Added Box component.
- Added Deviders component.
- Added Counter component.
- Added Block Quote component.
- Added Team component.
- Added Breadcrumb for bulder.
- Remove themes, only keep default theme.

Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.6 2016-05-26
- Added animation tab for some components.
- Added Url (link for) tab Image component.
- Added layout style (boxed or wide) on Setting.
- Added copy project function.
- Fixed some issue.

Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.5 2016-04-19
- Upgraded toobbar help us build html easier.
- Add html layout function help to create layout for html files.
- Fixed issue on row component.
- Changed source for easy development.
- Remve file template function. 

Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.4 2016-04-06
- Added Toolbar for drag and drop help to create HTML easier.
- Fixed issue on IE browser.
- Changed source code to improve performance.
- Removed add components button, Toolbar is using.

Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.3 2016-03-29
- Added Font awesome component.
- Upgraded portfolio component (copy function).
- Improvement score of googlespeed.

Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.3 2016-03-26
- Fixed issue on php 5.2.
- Added page background color, browser title, meta title, meta description.
- Added text tranform, type and fixed position for navbar.
- Added Anchor component
- Improve FAQ.
- Added scroll animation fo landing page.
- Added show html source code component
- Make the html file download source code is beautyfully.
- Fixed issue on prepend a template block element.
- Only load plugin if it is used when export html file.
- Added Scrollspy for navbar.
- Fixed scroll issue on safari browser.
- Add portfolio component.
- Show and hide grid guide when mouse over.

Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.2 2016-03-19
- Load iframe builder from theme if it is existed.
- Move iframe.php, portlets.php and template.php into lib directory.
- Disable global plugin from theme config file.
- Create Navbar Option tab.
- Create button icon tab.

Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.2 2016-03-17
- Improve performent to load  the html file.
- Added copy function for row component.
- Added support template block.
- Make component modal is dragable.
- Changed modal-backdrop color is white.
- Added apply button for component modal
- Added auto change size component modal
- Fixed issue on delete project and html file.
- Createed image tab for row component.
- Validate project name and file name.

Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.1 2016-03-13
- Add option Left and/or right navigation. 
- Selected navbar menu item.
- Added pricing table component.

Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.1 2016-03-9
- Changed UI design
- Added choose file template feature
- Added form component
- Added input text component
- Added textarea component
- fixed issue on row component

Bootstrap HTML Builder V1.0 2016-02-29
- first release.