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Looks interesting but I still don’t know what it does. Can you provide examples

Hi nankai, i will update the description and set up a live server with the module running next week. Thank you.

There you go nankai

Hi Andreas:

Just anxious to see it live. When will it be ready?


Did you place the stellar and appear (zip file) libraries in your sites/all/libraries folder?

Works now! Thanks!

I had copied before the ones in the extracted folder. So this is my setup and works great now.

- jQuery Update setted to 1.7 - Used both compressed files from your package (instead the extracted ones)

Amazing module, by the way!

Thank you, great to hear it worked out for you!


I’ve purchased the module but would like the functionality to be able to upload the background image in the admin, like it displays on the screen shot. For some reason I don’t have this functionality, but everything else is working ok? Am i missing something?



Hi Josh, I’ll update the module soon – Seems there is a faulty in the version i uploaded to codecanyon. You will be able to download the updated module, once it’s uploaded. Thank you in advance for noticing it.


Hi again – I see where i made the mistake, one missing dependency is the module “Media” – download and activate that module including its dependencies.

Hi Josh, it needs the media module version 7.x.1.4 to work properly. It can be downloaded from here:


I like the idea of the module, but when I tried your demo site I couldn’t get the background images to display. I used the images already uploaded but nothing was displayed on any of the blocks. When I opened the block configuration there were already some blocks which had backgrounds added but these didn’t show either.

If I can see this working I’m very interested in purchasing.

I see the problem, it works for me locally. I will check up on it and respond as soon as possible

Hi again, so it seems like this is related to the media module which was installed on the server i have. It doesn’t seem to be working along with the new media 2.0 module – I will include the media module 1.4 in the package, then i will definitely work. This will be included until i get it fixed.

I noticed, there is no more support? Is this module still in development? and does it come with documentation on how setup block tpl to make it work with any custom theme? thanks

Thank you for answering my questions. Media module has been updated to version 7.x-1.5, will it work ok with this version? Also, have you tested on Drupal 7.41 without issues? Final question, does it allow background video to be added to the block?

Hi, i was just asking about the version support because i know once i purchase this module and it doesn’t work on drupal latest version, i will not be able to get refund. cheers,

It does indeed work with the latest version of Drupal Best regards Andreas

Awesome design! Good job!