Bootstrap Blocks for Drupal

Bootstrap Blocks for Drupal

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Please be aware that this module has a dependency for the media module, it requires you to use media 7.x.1.4, nothing above, nothing below that version.

Module media 7.x.1.4 can be downloaded from the drupal site here

I am working on fix so that it works with the updated media module.

Provides animation effect when blocks appears.

Provides the ability for bootstrap themers or anyone who uses a bootstrap theme to set wether block should hide or show on certain devices using the bootstrap classes.

Block Settings in Drupal

  • Animation Settings
  • Responsive Settings
  • Set Parallax Background
  • Views Content, Custom Class
  • Text Alignment


  • Install as you normally do, documentation is in the package

Test out the live demo of the module

  • Login information
  • Admin: admin
  • Password: admin

Update Information

  • ver. 1.11: Updated the .info file for the module, it was missing dependency for the Media module for Drupal – Please install the Media module for selecting/uploading a background image.