Discussion on Bootstrap 2 and 3 enhance with CSS3 animation

Discussion on Bootstrap 2 and 3 enhance with CSS3 animation

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Does this still work with Bootstrap 2 as well?

Hi yes.

Damn. Just bought extended licence and found out that it is not compartible with BS3. Could you update your app? Unfortunatelly I plan to refund if not.

Hi thanks your feedback, I know change the core file is not a good practice, but we can only change the modal behave there, I’ll update it if find a better solution.

Ok, I see you modify only a couple of lines. Will be glad if you find a solution in nearest time. Anyway thanks for good work.

Popovers. One else bag. If we have popover with a tag one after another (without li tag as in your demo) the next button after active will have strange animation effect. How to fix that?

please let me know when you upgrade to Bootstrap 3. I’ll buy it then

Hi, now it works fine with Bootstrap 3.

Hello! I would like to purchase your plugin, but I cann’t understand, does it support bootstrap 3 or not? If no, when it will support bootstrap 3?

Hi, now it works fine with Bootstrap 3, you can download the latest update.

I would like to add a hyper link to another page – target blank at the base of the modal. HTML does not seem to be working. Is there another way to do this?

I also tried using Javascript for the hyperlink and no luck.

After doing some testing, looks like this is a Chrome issue. The new version of Explorer is testing fine with HTML links. Any ideas for a Chrome fix?

Also having issue in Firefox. The hyperlink in the modal is closing the modal out, rather than opening the link. Basically, Explorer is the only browser that is supporting hyperlinks within these modals…Chrome, Firefox and Safari close the modal rather than going to the hyperlink.

I’m also interested in an extended licence for this plugin but if is compatible with Bootstrap 3. Will be an update ? Or maybe a new file submited will be more interesting for you ?

Thank you.

Ok, thanks your feedback, I’ll add it when available, just a little busy these days.

Hi, now it works fine with Bootstrap 3, you can download the latest update.

Nice ! Thank you very much !

As a buyer, I would also be interested in seeing this updated to Bootstrap 3. Thanks for a great product.

Hi, now it works fine with Bootstrap 3, you can download the latest update.

Hi Sike,

Is it compatible with Boostrap 3?


Hi, right now it’s on Boostrap 2, maybe add the Bootstra 3 version in future update.

Hi, now it works fine with Bootstrap 3, you can download the latest update.

Hi Sike,

I love your plugin! Works perfectly!

One question for you though:

I seem to be having some trouble with the Bootstrap tooltip. Is there anything I need to be doing differently while using your CSS and JS?

I would love to see an example of how you would write a tooltip link if you can.

I can send you a private request if you want.

Thanks again for the great enhancement!


Hello, I have buyed an extended licence. I want to thank you for this awesome plugin and wait for updates ! ^^ Good luck to sales !

HI, how to trigger auto animation? I try “hover” , but not work, help!

Happy to help this show it’s true 5 Star value :D

On of the great things about this file is that (and bootstrap-based things in general), is that it gives users with modetn browsers a nice experience, while not still allowing those with outdated browsers to at least see the content= without either crashing their browser, giving them a nasty warning, or forcing them to step out of their comfort zone and upgrade.

I’d like to not even need to consider IE8, but unfortunately.. all to often, the one with IE8 is a key financial investor of some sort.

As always, Excellent work!

Hi sike,

is it possible to create a e-mail popup form so that the users can write us a e-mail when they click a specific button?

If yes, could you please make a demo of it?

Thanks. ;)

Hi, you’ve to customize the code to support this feature. I’m available at freelance, you can drop me a line via my profile page.

How do you add more buttons?

How do you capture the clicks?

Ron Sell

Hi what do you mean add more buttons? You can take the index.html in the source package for example.

Does this fallback? Like if I used IE7 , would the pop-overs still work, just not animated?

Hi I think yes, I test it on IE8 , and it works in that way.

O.o I thought it already worked on IE8 ? I was concerned about browsers you aren’t listing as compatible like IE7 . “I think”? :/ By the way, what isn’t working on IE8 then? Thanks!

Hi, only the IE10 support the CSS3 transition. And I don’t list IE7 here just because I don’t have a machine to test it. But I think it works fine without the animation.

I can see that a lot of work has gone in to this. Very good work.

Excellent will purchase later :)

Is this using the freely available animate.css ?

Or is it jquery, sorry I am mobile so cannot view demo. Looks great by the way. Good luck with sales.

Hi yes, it using a customized version of animate.css. And also customize some code of the bootstrap too. :)


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