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Can I have full width pages with this, and does it need any other software to run in conjunction with it, or is it a stand-alone platform?


Hi! The maximum page size is 1170px, this looks great on 1080p monitors and Bootolio is responsive so it will reduce in width on smaller screens.

Bootolio only uses Javascript, CSS and HTML so you don’t need anything else. You may want to use .NET / PHP to send emails from the site though.

If you use .NET Easy Email is s great plugin for sending emails with very little code, you can find it at

Does it match all the bootstrap existing scaffolding / css, or only a portion of it?

Hi it builds on the default CSS so everything is in there. An example of how the elements looks is at

Hi, There are a lot of links which are not working because you have used mixed uppercase and lowercase letters for the same directories or filenames. On Windows hosts that maybe work but on Linux/Unix that doesn’t… Example: about.html / About.html Maybe you can change that :-) Thanks!


Sorry about that! I’ve submitted the changes to Code Canyon and they should be approved in the next few days. Once they are I’ll update the description with the changes.

If you find anything else let me know!

Thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrew!

No problem, the template looks great :-) Thanks for your reply and have a great day!

Hi, am not very good with code I purchased the script, how do i sent up the email form on the site to receive email from the site please help.

Hi Lee, thanks for buying our item. Can you tell us what language you’re using? PHP, C# VB.NET etc.?


Hi Lee,

This is a fantastic sample to get you started.

Basically you need to add method=’post’ action=’mailform.php’ to your form element and then change the values in the php code to the the name values in the page, Name, Email, Subject etc.

Hope it helps!

Hi I just have a question before I buy, does the template include the form mail or would I need to add my own? as the last comment suggests I have to add my own mailer php script? have you just built the forms they will not send after I set the site up I would need to create the php file to get it to send the data?

Hi could you include the php file you use on your site for sending email?

Sure no problem. I’ll get that uploaded tomorrow and then it should be available in a day or two (Once Code Canyon have approved the changes.)

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, these have been uploaded now and will be available once Code Canyon approves them. They say it takes “Items are usually reviewed within 48 hours, but it can take up to 5 days.”. Once it has been accepted you should get an email letting you know.

This is nice. I like the menu top which I presume I can color differently playing with the css. But as a presale question, will you be upgrading to Bootstrap 3? Or is this the current version of Bootstrap?

This is nice. I like the menu top which I presume I can color differently playing with the css. But as a presale question, will you be upgrading to Bootstrap 3? Or is this the current version of Bootstrap?


Thanks! The top is just CSS so you can choose any colour you like.

We do plan to update Bootolio to Bootstrap 3 but I don’t think it will be for about another month.

Thanks, Jet Powered Code

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on this project.

We’re a bit earlier than we thought before, Bootolio is now upgraded to Bootstrap 3.0.1!

Sorry about that it is fixed now!

@codethenasoftware, I can’t get the tab colors to remain the same color across all pages. Can you explain or provide information in order to make the changes on all pages.


If you’re looking to customize the look of the theme just fill out our customization form and one of our customization specialists will get back to you.

The form is available at

I see how you make your money. You give a practically free theme. Than redirect to a site full of coders and have them charge 150$ + to fix something that takes all of 5 mins for these experts. I’ll just purchase another theme or recreate it myself without the css files.

Hi again, unfortunately that’s not actually how we make money since we don’t own the company that does the customisation. We decided to make the theme as cheap as possible to give back to the CodeCanyon community but obviously when we receive around £1 from the sale we can’t afford to offer free customisation too.

We hope you get your solution sorted and wish you the best of luck for the future.