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This is awesome work, good luck with sales and further development
Nice work

Thanks man!

WOW… pretty amazing work. Bookmarked

Thank you !

great script, i like it, first buy :)

Point 1: Please could you set a color-box before the hex code in Style Siedebar with the actual chosen color ? So everybody have more orientation, then nobody knows all hex codes und so i can see with one view, aaah brand-primary is blue, primary-warning is green aso ..

Point 2: Could you please inserat a ”?” with popover after brand-primary, primary-warning aso, that i can put a small description in it ? it will be better handling for my clients. I dont want tousends of questions like “what does this mean – primary warnings” – you understand ?

Please, insert this 2 Points and it will be the prefect tool for BS Skinning :)

Greets und Thanks

Hello spee65, you can have some help text for the field using the “help” variable. You can read about this in documentation. Thank you for purchasing Bootnerator and for suggestions. I will update it very soon.

“help” variable – i love it :) thanks for fast feedback und much success with this script!

Great stuff – just bought it – but please just put a colour picker on! It would make so much difference!

Hello Jim, Bootnerator use the Iris color picker, you can have a field with the color picker by using the field type as “colorpicker”. You can also read about this in documentation. Thank you for purchasing Bootnerator.

holy crap! this looks really good congrats. Can we export certain elements of bootstrap, or do we have to export all the elements, tables etc ? Thank you.

Thank you lallen,
If you want to use just certains elements from bootstrap, you just need to combine the selected files into one bootstrap.less and delete the variables coresponding that missing elements.

If you just want to export the selected section, you need to make some minor changes into JS to get only the selected section and encode it in BASE64 and show the encoded text into the modal box. Sorry for my bad explanation.

Alexandru T.

Great idea.
Good luck with sales. ;)

Thanks Matthew !


Great product you have there! One question though, can I use the generate skins in commercial products?

Have a great day!

Hey again,

I think I got it. So if I want for example to build one script that features let`s say 3 skins (like 3 color schemes) generated by your script and sell it, I can do this with the regular license, right?

Have a great day!

If you sell the ONLY the generated skins, is all right with regular license. If you use part of my script for paid websites like an theme customizer, you need extended license.

Please read more about regular license and extended license

Got it, thanks for your time. Will buy soon.

Is it possible to edit the source variables.less to add and change variables.

@blue: #134576
@blue-darker: lighten(#134576, 13.5%);
@blue-dark: lighten(#134576, 25%);



Hello James,
You have edit the file “variables.php” and add this variables from your less file. The “variables.php” file contact almost all variables from the “variable.less” file. So you can add or remove variables from user editing as you wish. The documentation contain all informations that can help the user to use this script.

Thank you,
Alexandru T.

Nice :)

Thank you !

Its a great script to see the color changes quickly

What would really be useful to me is to show and edit the variable.less file directly.

I am finding myself going back to copying this variable.less file and replacing the colors with my boonerator css file.

Hello bagpipers,
This is an interesting idea but it will be very hard for users to setup the variables.less for others templates. I will try to make this implementation to be very easy for user to setup and I will implement in one of the next versions.

Thank you,
Alexandru T.

Hello, I have a question about the license.   I can install in a domain and make access to the general public?   Can I use any number of times in my projects?

  Thanks, I liked a lot!

Hello infinitanet,
I already responsed at a similar question. Please take a look here.

Thank you !
Alexandru T.

really cool script, nice work!

Thank you bogstench !

Great tool .. thanks for creating … is there a way to import an already created bootstrap CSS as my starting point?

Hello khosna
thank you for appreciating my item. Don’t forget to rate.
About your question: if you want to start with an already made theme, you can copy all the less files of the theme in one file (as you already see in the premade theme. Sadly importing directly from CSS or another easy method is not implement yet. I will implement in the future some easy ways to import bootstrap themes from the less files.

Thank you,
Alexandru T.

I’m a newbie to bootstrap, in the generator, how do you remove elements? For example if I only wanted to show the form etc.

Hello socialgrower,
Removing the elements in the generated theme preview is made by modifying the PHP code, is just an matter of removing some lines of code. This method is used because of the custom plugins bootstrap skins you can create.

If you have more questions after purchasing the product, you can post them on my support frum, at the coresponding section to your needs.

Thank you,
Alexandru T.

can you tell me that what are the requirements to install this script? i mean, i found some other open source script for BS building but they were built with node.js/ less.js(server side pre-compiler)/ gems,..

and what the bootstrap version? 3.2?

Hello cherapal9,
The requirement to install this script is that your server need to have PHP installed, just this. You don’t need any server side compiler or any other programming language.
The default version of the bootstrap is 3.1 I think. You can freely customize the version (instructions how to do it inside the pack) and how to edit to fit your own Bootstrap theme (like my Flatner, ExtraStrap, InfinityStrap).

great job, thanks :)

it must integrate with every new project , or it works as live editor I mean as stand – alone service

Hello sanayar2008,
The script can be used stand alone (you can copy to server and use it as it is) or to integrate it with your personal themes or to your website.