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Look great, good luck! :)

cheers mate!

Great work. Pay attention because your buy link @ http://brunomatthys.com/bootkit/ does not work. Have a good day.

Thanks for pointing that out, it’s not the first time I forget this. It has been updated. cheers!

Really cool stuff. Does it work well with your Antagon framework?

great let me know if anything comes to mind

.bk-border-top and .bk-border-bottom would be quite handy. Also something like .bk-fg-hover-*, which turns the fg color to * when hover. And .bk-bg-transparent. I also added .bk-margin-bottom-30, but this one might not be a common use case. I am using the kit on a lot of non-panel elements. So these suggestions might not fit the purpose of the kit. Anyways, really good stuff. Saved me tremendous amount of time. I now have a burning desire to turn everything into a panel :)

Hello, good ideas! border left and right also, which could make for separators between horizontally aligned content.

For the different foreground on links when hovering I’d just need to change the mixin a bit for that so that an (optional) extra color can be sent to it, so that will be added to next version also.

Indeed the general idea is to add your own classes for more specific purposes (add them to a separate less file or future updates will overwrite your changes). I’m experimenting by using classes outside panels and it also seems to work fine, anything can be styled with the generic classes.


nice set of elements. Is it legal to use this kit in a product that the end-user have to pay for?

I can always send you the current code by email as it’s almost done anyway :)


So by purchasing this, I’ve a the extended license? It would be great if you can send the new version :-)

only with the extended licence, think you have regular atm.
Send me a message through my profile and I’ll send you the current dev version :)

How can I set the height of a bootkit? I see it is established by its content. Thanks and excellent job!

yeah setting the height is probably only done in specific situations and/or for specific devices (with a min-height for example).

Love it! Great work.

thank you!


my slim scroll is not working. bk-scroll is frozen. All set up done according to the manual. or m i missing anything?


I’m sorry I have no idea why a comment of 9 days ago didn’t get answered – I do usually receive emails for them. Maybe I made a mistake.

So if you still need my help, I can always connect with RealVNC or something.

Hi, any plans to upgrade to bootstrap v4 ??

Not at the moment, but I will look into bs4 cards and maybe build something from there. But I have so little time that I can’t make any promises.