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Hello! Does it works with bootstrap tabs?

It works with bootstrap tab. Tested. thanks

Tested all several times. Can we skype?

skype: bd.kabiruddin


I bought this product and it is amazing!

I wanted to know if there is ability to add a search filter?

you know currently there is not like that option. but it is possible, can you add me on skype: bd.kabiruddin

hi i just recently bought this “Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder” it has your javascript packed on it, i was trying to reached tthe author of Creativ for some help but i find no luck in their reply :crying: . So i went on this page directly since my concerns directly is on this bootfolio package, i was wondering on how i can customize the size of the image containers since in the Creativ package its predefine… were having trouble showing the images since it doesn’t fit on the size (bt the images are being fetch dynamically from other server).

Kindly check our temporary site to see what i’m aching for: (‘Movies’ features)

we actually wanted it to be like this – http://cinex.zynappse.com/proposed layout.png

Can you please help us how to customized it. Very big thanks

try typing – http://cinex.zynappse.com/proposed%20layout.png ...Thanks for the response, i’ll contact codecafe too, but for meanwhile please take a look at first the proposed layout and see if its possible.

Thanks for contact with layout. actually bootfolio support only same height and same width items for filtering. you need to set all items container same width and same height. Thanks

can you specifically point what’s the class name of that particular item in css? and if i put a specific height (or width) will it still be responsive? Thank you so much

Hi I am interested in your product. Is it easy to add few more div on top of your existing square images? pretty much bflay3 and bflayhover at the same time.

Hi, does this work with jquery version 1.7.1 ? Does it require any additional jquery? I may need to embed it into a client’s website.

yes, its work with jquery version 1.7.1. not need any additional plugin

Hi,i need to include videos and photos in bootfolio, it is possible to include videos using html5 video tag?. Thanks in advance. sorry but my english is bad

current there is not documented support for video. but u can use video on ther. thanks

Hi, would it be possible to apply this to Wordpress? I’m looking for dynamic category filtering without page reloads and this seems perfect ;-)