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Will you Update the Item to 3.0? Has it only Standard Bootstrap files? Does it have the LESS files?

Sorry, no less files in the current archive. Mainly the current files are those presented in the “File Structure” section: http://www.bluebitbox.com/projects/bootflat/getting-started.html#file-structure , examples and documentation. You have a point, we will update soon the less files as well as this will help advanced users to create variations of this theme.

If you do I will buy it and I’m sure lots of others too. The Design is very good. But LESS files are important because of color and also for integrating 3rd Party AddOns.

Today Bootflat have been approved for update and contains the LESS files as well.

Wow! Very, very nice, best skin I have seen by a long way. I am going to enjoy having a play with this tomorrow.

Thank you for what looks like a fantastic skin!

Best wishes,

Paul. PS will rate as soon as I have explored it properly :-)

Brilliant! Rated five stars.

Have had a good play with it today and it is perfect. And thanks for the thorough documentation, it has been very much appreciated.

Paul. :bigsmile:

Thank you Paul, you made my day. I will continue then to develop other Bootstrap skins.

The sales for bootstrap skins do seem disappointingly low but I personally love using bootstrap. The LESS files mentioned above don’t interest me but I know a lot of developers really rate it and perhaps sales would improve if included. The price seems a bit low too although i appreciate Envato decide the price (goodness knows what criteria they use though). I will be following you though and will certainly purchase any new skins for Bootstrap you produce. Can’t get enough good bootstrap skins. The amount of time it saves me when developing a site is amazing and well worth the price charged.

Thank you again and good luck with sales.


Thanks for being one of the few who lets people preview the skin. One of the reason I know this script can actually do what I need.

Rated 5/5, I will migrate it to existing bootstrap, if it does bad I’ll be sure to come and tell you :).

Great so far, but I highly recommend making .well trasnsparent, everything else seems great. Highly recommend buying this skin, a life changer Cheers, Robert

Thanks Robert. I thought about the .well recommendation and I think you are right. I will include it in the future update. If you encounter any problem let me know, and I will fix it asap. Happy coding!

Everything seems great so far, my transition went smooth. Really happy about this, gives a nice feeling, one suggestion, I’m modifying your skin right now.

I’ve found no skin with buttons like http://teamtreehouse.com/ check their button, it would be a great way to attract people, just a recomandation.

Will you be moving to bootstrap 3?

I am prospecting the release candidate, but I can’t say when I will update to v3.

if a website not responsive, can i use your script to make responsive? Thanks

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale