Discussion on BootCommerce - ECommerce Twitter Bootstrap Based

Discussion on BootCommerce - ECommerce Twitter Bootstrap Based

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when upgrade to php 8x ?

hi, unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade to php 8

The end of life date for PHP 7.4 was November 28, 2022 … then olso your project if is not upgrade.

thanks for this notice, but i have to do a hard release for this software.

Hi there! Almost 8 years ago the user gustavo1989 said: “I did the translation into Spanish :D” Do you have this translation? Because i need to translate your code into spanish. Tks!! R.

hi, you can change or add language adding some *.ini files in languages directory

1. root/lang

2. root/bc-admin/lang

Great! Works perfect! Now I have a problem.. In Home / Settings – System I want to change the language to spanish. Back-end Language es_ES Front-end Language es_ES Everything ok. But when I tried to SAVE the system force me to add a Google map API key. But I dont want to create a google map api key.

you need the google api key for the map into contact form. It’s mandatory to allow use tthe plugin into contact form

This script seriously needs updating. It is a security risk nightmare.

Hi, please can you be more specific?

oh sorry it was not to you that message. sorry

in fact I didn’t see any emails from your account. don’t worry, good job

mr.plug do you have a support email ?

Hi Malcom1, you can write me on


What version of PHP is and is it write in PHP PDO or MySQLi?

hi, just tested on php 7.4.24 and it’s ok. it is wrote in php PDO

I will accept your refund request, but just to be clear: you asked me if it was in PDO and not OOP and I replied that it is PDO because it uses a PDO class with prepare to connect to the db. I’m sorry we didn’t understand. Good day.

Warning: ini_set(): Session ini settings cannot be changed when a session is active in C:\xampp\htdocs\SBFurnitures\include\inc_load.php on line 2

Hi, It’s your localhost, i can’t backtracking di error. Can you upload online so I can see the problem?

Can you update to the newest php version?

Ok I’ll test it asap and let you know. Sorry for inconvenience

No answer yet? can you update my files to php vers 7.3?

hi, sorry you’re right. please can you tell your bootcomemrce version? if you trust me you can give me credentials to login into your hosting/server to understand the problem (contact me via email).

the last version of bootcommerce hase no problem with php 7.3 version, can you explain your problem?

pls how do i add my country currency?, Nigerian Naira (NGN). Thank you

hi, you have to edit file ROOT/include/inc_load.php there is a variable (array) named $currencies_array, please append your currency to this array.

hi Mrplugins , i bought this script years ago , cant remember old my account , hope you can help , i been using bootcommerce for years , i modify mine a lot, but there’s something i was never able to change the time out for the session , can you point me to the right direction,

hi, the session time dependig from your server. You have to edit your php.ini to inscrease it, please ask to your mantainer if you are in hosting. Normally the default value is 20 min.

I completed the installation but can’t access the web, I can’t find the cause, can you help me? message : This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

I don’t have a debit card so I asked someone else to buy it. I texted via your skype. I will send the license image over there.

I found the problem, I am missing the mbstring library, I have trouble

please contact your hosting/server provider and ask to install the library. I can’t help you with no more info

After creating product, when I click on the item, it is going to blank page

please give me the link where i can see the problem

Yes I am testing the demo.

there is no problem in my demo

shopping cart is not working. When product is added to cart, it does not added in cart.

You have this problem on my demo?

When I add a product to shopping cart, It gives sucess message but when I check the cart it is empty.

I am not aware that you have purchased bootcommerce. So, where you have the problem? on my demo?

Is it possible to hide prices from users that are not logged in?

hi, please take a look to control panel. There is this feature: see this screenshot link too

Hi, I have just purchased the script, but it’s keep giving following “Sorry, but content/products folder has no writable permissions.” I have tried all the permission but still error message is there

unfortunately codecanyon has a problem with updated files upload. Take a look to bootcommerce support section, there is a link to complete the package download with updated files

sorry for this but it’s not my fault

Hi, Thank you for sending me complete package via email but it is still not working have replied you the same day before yesterday. The problem still exists and nothing is displaying in the backend/admin section except the Tools Option. Screen shot have of the Admin panel have also shared with you via email. Please let me know what is next and how this can be fixed. Waiting for your reply. Tx

answered via email. thanks

Mind blowing post you have shared for us. I specially congratulate you for this kind of post. Satta King

I get the following error:

jquery.stepize.js:24 Uncaught ReferenceError: d is not defined at current_step (jquery.stepize.js:24) at jquery.stepize.js:138 at dispatch (jquery.js:2) at h (jquery.js:2)

try tio use not min. version and let me know please. Sorry for inconvenience

tio? do you mean to use the version not minimised?

yes, sorry for the error

I purchased the the version 3.2.2 but received version 1.0.0. Please send me updated script.

it’s so strange, please download it again from your download list on codecanyon, then follow this link too


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