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Hi Can user add products?

I have still not receive a reply from you

hi, you are right. Sorry but bootcommerce has not this feature.


I’m getting this error

Message could not be sent to test SMTP. The following From address

I’m using custom gsuite domain and 587, tls,

Please help me resolve it

hi, what type of email are you using? (gmail ?)

Hi, have a question regarding digital plugin before purchasing: We wanna sell digital services without any download. Possible? Is there only to check on ‘not available for download’ when creating product? Thank you.

hi, please be more cleare. Sorry but i don’t understand what you’re asking for

Hi, thank you for response. Yes, here an example: If a user buys a SEO-Service-Plan (as a product), there´s nothing to download.

ah ok understand. at this moment bootcommerce not has this type of feature. i’m sorry but you need a customization

please Help me SMTP not work for me i use gmail how can i resolve that thankyou

hi, for gmail it’s difficult because google hase 2 factor. you can try to do something like this:

thankyou i fixed it but now i have another problem how to add another language to my shop

in created .ini and .js but it not work help me if y can send you the files and you correct them thankyou

I’m going to buy bootcommerce and the B2b plugin, if I can not install you install for me free :-)?