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exepteu Purchased

hi, why do I not get answed at my email with I send you at 19 september 2017? I will try to send it again. thanks

oop sorry for delay. maybe I missed your first email. i’ll answer you into afternoon, i’m not in office.

sorry again for inconvenience


exepteu Purchased

now I have it :) Greate and thanks for on of the best support :)

at your disposal

Are u planning to do a new version or this is a death project?

yes, i’ve a big update in pipeline but not for the moment

I am sad for this item. No update, No new features.

sorry, you are right. i’m working for a release but i need time because i’m busy into other projects. stay tuned

Does it support INR indian rupees currency..

I wanted to buy please let me know whether it is in core php or any framework usedl

hi, you can use this script but i suppose that INR currency is not accepted on PayPal (please be sure before buy).

for second question: it’s written in php, no framework used

I am not able to add any data, how to add parent category it is showing blank in dropdown.

please give me more info. php version and a link where i can see the problem. Contact me via email to

can i add CC avenue gateway and SMS Gateway Also INR Currency available?

for the currency there is no problem. for new gateway yhou have todo by yourself, (just have php knowledge)

hi . its come along with source code or any encryption file inside. because i need ccavenue and instamojo payment gateway and social media sharing option

thank you for your responce

hi i brought the product. but database and htacess is missing. can you help me out

what do you mean with database missing?

hi i just bougt your system . and uploaded to my c-panel . but I can not have your database , database connection f file as well as. could u plz help me with that

plz confirm me if u get all my server details


MrPlugins , thanks for your great help . ur services are outstanding . I have a question is there any option for multi admin ? like super admin , editor like this ? I made some admin user ,but all have same power . if u plz let me know

sorry but bootcommerce not support a permissions system

Hi, is there any way to change Template Color?

Dire. Ho i can edit css

Amazing work and great customer support 5-Star. I read all 500 comments and found a lot of answers to my question. But these one i could not find. Question, 1. Can a page be added like “about us page” next to “contact us page” in bootcommerce? if so how. 2. can an insert about page content 1 para on home with header tags? Is this possible and if so how. 3. Can a page be added that connects to a wordpress blog site or even a page with a blog script. These would all be extremely helpful for furthering SEO. and help a lot of people that have bought your script. Thanks brother.

hi i have brought your product. when i extract the file in server its showing 404 pls guide me what to do url :

hi, thank you for purchase. please to fix the problem i need your ftp and database credentials. you can send them via email or via skype

pls provide your email and skype id

my skype ID is “Mr plugins”

for a 3 time purchaser, Am I able to a add page like “about us page” next to contact us page in bootcommerce? if so how. and insert about page content 1 para on home with header tags? Is this possible and if so how. Can I add a page that connects to a wordpress blog site or even a page with a blog script. (don’t mean to be pushy but i cant move fwd till i know. and i saw you answered the fellow 45mins ago

sorry, answered via skype. to create a new page you have to do it manyally creating a new file into a certain folder (after purchase i can show you how). at this moment it’s not possible to connect the content to a wp blog. sorry again for delay, sometime i lost messages

I want to purchase this but I would like to know if this was written with procedure php or oop or any of php framework.

I don’t want to purchase and then discover that it was written with a framework which I don’t know. So tell me if it is php procedure or oop or any framework

Looking forward to your reply

hi, thank you for interest. bootcomemrce was written with procedural php without framework

Ok. Then I will purchase. Thank you

you’re welcome

Please, How could this page/text be edited. “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in

hi, thank you for purchase. you have to edit this text manually via code. the file is YOUR_SITE_FOLDER/content/themes/default/include/footer.php

let me know if you’ll have some problem about this.

i have just purchased the bootcommrce and i tried to run first on Wamp local server it shows an error saying Field ‘dependence’ doesn’t have a default value plz help me?

yeah i can

thank you so much for the great help now my script is working perfect thank you again

no problem, thank you for patience

Hi there, last time we chatted you mentioned that you had a NEW ecommerce script in the works. Is this new script available to purchase.

Hi. I will be ready near future with new script but unfortunately i can’t sell my scripts on envato because they changed many rules for authors and for me is not convenient anymore. So stay in touch privately. Thank you

System of cash payment or transfer evidence of silk?

you can see the payement gateways from back- office - cash - paypal - bank transfer

Are there other themes for this system?

sorry but bootcommerce was come with one theme

What is the value to add Brazilian payment methods, MercadoPago and Pagseguro? I’ll buy it if you can add it to me, because the current payment is not good for me!

sorry but at this moment i can’t develop to add these gateway to platform