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Looking briefly at your demo, I noticed a problem. When going to mobile view, everything is shrinking as it should, except the actual menu bar. Although it technically does get smaller because it drops off links instead of going to a mobile drop down menu, as bootstrap is suppose to do.

hi, the menu bar has a carousel system so i have no need to shrink it. this was a my personal choice, but everyone can edit the html ;-)


How to add discount code option.



sorry but bootcomemrce has not coupons system. to do it i have to develop a new plugin


dukekn Purchased

Hello, It looks like this site is not compatible with php 7. Also, where can I set the db link to mysqli ? Thanks!

It’s not a problem, I can wait. Please let me know when I can get the updated version.

Thanks :)

hi, can you contact me via email please?

Please contact me via email.

When my customers go to check out and select paypal they get this message: PayPal cannot process this transaction. There seems to be an issue with your script related to pay pal.

ok, i sent you an email. thank you and sorry

Works great now. Thanks! Are there any plans to build a promo code plugin so that customers can enter a discount code?

hi, i’m sorry but for now i am not able to develop new features for bootcommerce, but stay in touch ;-)

http://localhost/boot/bc-admin/login.php show Field ‘dependence’ doesn’t have a default value after install pls help

i sent you an email.


Planning to buy this product, how easy is it to change the front end theme ?

hi, thank you for interest. The theme was written with twitter bootstrap 2, so if you have knowledge about this framework the editing will be very easy