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I’ve tried your demo apk, I tap junk cleaner and it caused my phone hang…

seems the problem in android 6.0 only

I have a similar issue! The demo app installs and launches fine, but then hangs as soon as I select a menu item.

“seems the problem in android 6.0 only”

Unfortunately, no! I have the same problem with both Android 4.2 and 5.1, but only with the “Junk Cleaner” for some reason.

hello Sir Junk Cleaner is Not working. please check and update. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQRRB2EjHYE&feature=youtu.be

Missing portions of code! this is poor quality code but ok, the price is low, i fixed a lot of bugs by myself including the failures with android 6. But, what is NOT ok at all is that the most interesting features are actually NOT implemented! You can see them in the UI but they actually does nothing, just check the code, missing implementations.

I’m talking about: - “auto close apps”, the auto-kill service is never triggered - “battery saver” settings, they are NOT implemented except one, “auto brightness control” - the usage statistics in the “App Manager”, they always say “rarerly used” beacause the code actually does not check for their usage.

Ok mr. developer this is plain wrong, what now? i’m expecting you provide those features you advertize soon..

I purchase from you code clearner but I did not find the place “rate” !!!!

please ads admob not show in app §!!!

Memory Booster doesn’t work in my Moto Android 6.0. When I select apps whose memory should be cleaned, total memory shown on the button isn’t updated and it still remains 0 and so, button is never activated.

This app is NOT UPDATED to work on Android 6.0. When you run through apk, it will work fine but when you actually run the code, it WON’T because RUNTIME permissions are not integrated for Android API version 23 or more. Any updates coming for this?

This was a real disappointment because this app has become useless completely because IT DOESN’T WORK ON ANDROID 6.0 AND ABOVE versions.

Please update this for Android 6.0.