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This looks great. My only worry is all these fantastic plugins are being released but without using sockets the chat wouldn’t be able to handle hundreds of users.

i have few feature and addons in list of ” to do things ” webcam is a part of them as same as social login and some other addons actually i am working on a search engine as requested by many many user a way for them to search user by gender , region and age. i also work on changing the friend list process to have a request friend process then soon to add a friend to list it will be kind of facebook friend list it will request the friend to accept it.


then i also have prepare a way to limit private chat by rank that mean in my next release admins will be able to say only vip+ can chat in private that will be great i think …


Sounds great! It seems you have a good line up of addons. Really looking forward to purchasing these! :)

Hi, great add-on… can you please create something similar for Stripe?

hi mobile…

i will have a look at how stripe works and if it work similar to paypal then i may be able to do something like that for stripe.


Hi, can you add SMS gateway like Paygol allopass….?


unfortunately if i add some payment gateaway it will be major ones like skrill stripe and these kind of giant i canot add all of them unfortunately it will have no end


Yes majors of course… But for micro payment Sms billing can have sense.. :-) And paypal or other major gateway can closed accound with dating/chat in their TOS. All majors are good for ecommerce.. Not for micro payment

how about an addon to pay with ideal? Is this something you consider?

ideal dont know what is it sorry but if adding other gateaway will be mostly the biggest and most popular ones in world


Can I change the dollar sign so that it appears in front of the numbers?


yes you can change it in the addon setting panel


change the dollar sign so that it appears in front of the numbers? In the addon setting panel, I understand that, but can you please tell me how or send the modified file.

Below is the link to the image which displays the failed boom_vip transactions.

when you click on that failled transaction it should show you a error code that is what i need to know thanks


hi guys, looking to by chat and this add on. With the vip plugin , can a vip user create his own vip room and invite non vip users and vip users the room? look forward to your answer



at the momment users cannot create room that option is for admin but might change since that seem to be requested by lot of my Customers


yeah i thought this would of been a feature for vip definitely? great stuff, any idea when this will be implemented? As it’s one of the main features i am after. So vip can create a private room and invite members or approve. I assume only vip members can access vip rooms by admin? thanks for your quick answer

yes that could be a nice feature i agree and yes only if your rank is = or higher than a room level you can acess it


Hi is there any updates on whether the vip user can create his/her own room private room yet? I wish to buy all plugins but seeing if this feature available or going to be introduced soon? thanks

hi i have installed the vip add-on fine, but I have changed the currency to £ and it’s appearing after the amount. For example 1.99 is displaying 1.99£.

It should be £1.99. Please can you provide me with a fix, it’s not really working well this script as emails are buggered too. Don’t look professional and thinking a lot of work still to be done. I’m just testing it all now.

thanks please can you fix this or send me updated file to upload to my server..

what is error 2? no one can sign up?

Member : Date: 2015-09-09 – Fail

Transaction #: 8PA57440TF327740W

Payer email: d

Plan: Vip 30

Amount: 1.00

Status: Error 2


Boom vip is very secure and the error 2 mean that the information that paypal are sending back to the script are not matching the information that should be received by the script from paypal this is made to protect you agains fraud or any members manipulation. if you want to use your secondary email throught this addons please contact me via my code canyon profile then i will send you a modified file that will allow you to do it but please remember also that in the requirement of this addons it was clearly specified that you will need to use your primary paypal account. Write to me and i will adjust that for u.


can you not use paypal sub email addresses with this add-on? my primary one i do not wish to use

contact me via my CC profile i will give you a modified file that will allow you to use paypal secondary email adress

Hello I want to buy the add on. but I need a version for secondary paypal email. is this possible?

No Answer? The main thing people buy, whether it works or not

hi, sorry for late answer but i am author at code canyon and here in canada we also have holidays and familly there is no need to be rude if i do not answer in less than 1 day since i try my best to give support as fast as i can.


like i say if you want the secondary version of it contact me via my support and i will be glad to send the replacement file to you.


add on installed and ordered by testuser VIP membership. Payment successfully processed by PayPal, but no VIP membership updatet! View Transactions = No transaction found

hi, can you please contact me via my support form we will check what is not working and fix it thanks

usually there is 2 reason that the payment do not process back to the site correctly

1- your boomchat index path is not set properly 2- you are using a secondary account from paypal


Reason 1 – This is a mistake of the webmaster. Reason 2 – This is a mistake of the author.

If the author knows the mistake, then why not get a second file for download with the purchase? Why write only and explain. write again. new file. Insert the new file. etc etc that’s double work for all.

files sent

it is not working. everything as before. no difference. I sign after the holidays.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


i will test it with you to find where it block i will use some of my paypal credit left to make it work for you by this time can you please verify that Curl is activated on your server since to receive answer from paypal that module need to be enabled. after holidays we will look into this and make some live test.



hi, you should receive email notification when update are available


I have (2) remarks, 1 being a issue and 1 being a request.

1st.) The issue is, Nobody can Register once I install “Boom vip addons”.

I did the complete install, "/install boom_vip" 
Only Admin can access the system.
NOT even a Guest can login
Register will allow you to fill out but "not click".

How do I fix this to use the Boom VIP?

2nd.) I would like to have a <iframe> compatible with the DIV right below the “Title Logo” and placed above the area used to type your chat message in.

Such as: . <iframe style=”background-color: transparent;” src=”http://www.Domain” scrolling=”no” id=”TVCash” frameborder=”0” width=”100%” height=”950px”></iframe>

Where would I place it and what “div class”?

Thanks -TVCash


thanks for contacting me something sound to be wrong with the boom vip for you please can you contact me via my support then i will have a look on what could be wrong for u and try to fix it as soon as possible.

also im not really understanding about your iframe thing if you can make me some image example and send them to me in my support contact ill be more tthan glad to guide you about where to implement such thing thanks


hi, i received a email from you but when i reply to it outlook return me the email with a postmaster error that say the the reply email do not exist


Please try now, it’s added in system…

VIP installed but not working. Need Help

hi, actually help is provided to people that have a buyer tag after their name here thanks.


I purchased it from you legitimately. What do I need to do to prove that to you?

i have answer your emails check your mail

Hi, You use the following syntax to give a user vip status ”/setvip username”. What is the code to remove the “vip” status?


the syntax will be

/setuser username


That code will remove the VIP status for a user?

that code will set any rank to the user rank


Hello, For some reason, transactions are failing using the VIP add-on. I am using the primary PayPal address account. The payment is going through the PayPal system fine, but when the user redirects back to the site, they find that they still can’t access the VIP room and I have chosen yes to “Active PayPal Live Mode”. I am using 6.0 version.

Nevermind. I got it to work.

with boomchat 7.1 you need to use the bridge version of all addons.


Which is your latest version Bridge or 6.0?

bridge is the last version.