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Interesting with your product. Before I purchase. I wanna asking can I using this product with CPA? This script need itunes APi? I don’t have itunes api. If I only buy this script with 6 months, I can get this script update lifetime or not? Can this script using other language like french, germany, or other? This script have good google index or not? You say this script user SEO friendly. can this script instal unlimited domain I have? Thank You I wanna order today, but I hope you answer all my question…

Hi thanks for your interest, You can use this with any cpa or ad company you want. It uses the itunes api but you do not need to do anything for that. You can download script updates for a lifetime. There are translation options for using other languages, but not all book descriptions may be available in other languages. Yes search engines like google will crawl and index you site pages. Yes you can install it on unlimited domains. If you have any more questions please contact me on my user page.

I already send Email ArmorThemes, please reply soon

Hi, please contact me on the item support page.

Hello ArmorThemes, great script you made. I have sent you an email with a question, hope to hear from you, thanks.

Hi, please contact me on the item support page.

In the Featured books section, if you have some books with score-ratings and some without, the layout breaks, you get empty positions; i.e. row 1: left position OK, right position OK, row 2: left position empty, right position OK, row 3: left position OK and right position OK, row 4: left position OK, right position empty. This should be 3 rows with each 2 books. Please advice how to fix this, thanks.

Hi, please contact me on the item support page.

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I am interested in the idea of how you made this script. But I wonder whether is possible for you work on admin (database) as customized work. I know that will be a big database ( I feel like the script is missing it roots) but that is a core of any website destined for a better future.

Hi, sorry but i am not available for custom work at the moment, i chose to have all the admin settings in just one file, that is way faster and lighter for your server then using a backend that will need a msql database, thanks for your feeback.

Hi there, I am interested in your site.

Will I be able to choose exactly books to import and exact categories from Amazon?


Hi, no book data comes from itunes and is updated automatically.


neogeeo Purchased

Hey man, this script is awesome! Just few sugestions for next version:

1- Sort books by: top (popular), rated, reviews, new books additions, price, ... and whatevah itunes-api allows you to sort by.

2- Show the price on amazon button? (now only appears on itunes button)

For other hand, I would like to encourage you to make another Book-Script ONLY with Amazon-API. (If you do, I’ll buy it, for sure.)

Hi Thanks, unfortunately there are no book filter options or amazon prices like that available in the api yet, if its possible in the future i will add that, thanks for your feedback.

I’m interested in buying this plugin but it also works to sell dvd movies, tv series dvd ect ect…Thank you!

Hi, thanks for your interest, this is not a plugin but a standalone php script, it is for specifically targeting the book niche, thanks for your feedback.

Hi ArmorThemes,

Cool script. I have 2 questions:

1. Can this script be configured to only import books from a specific niche?

2. Is it possible to browse the most recently added books?


Hi thanks, to answer your questions; 1) there is no importing it uses the itunes api but you could remove the other genres that you do not want from the navigation menu. 2) that is unfortunately not available by the api.

Hello, I want to use script as free e-book library with manually uploaded books. Would you advice? Seo is priority for me and would be good as wordpress?!

Can you mail me demo for this script? To see and use everything as administrator?

Hi, You cannot manually upload ebooks with this script. The seo is just as good as a seo wordpress plugin, you can add your own words in the titles too. There is no admin panel just an easy file for the settings you can see site demo here;

Sir, is this script made by WP or custom Php framework?

Hi, no wordpress, this is a standalone pure php script.

Great Script! Simple and clean! but my server uses nginx. Can you please send the redirect rules for nginx instead of htaccess? Thank you!

Hi thanks, please contact me on the item support page.

hy, what is the scrip for unlimited domain?

Hi, yes you can use it for unlimited domains.

hi, when I try to run the website in https the layout becomes a mess. Could you please advice what to do to make it work OK in https mode? Thanks

Hi, you can use https in the siteurl in the siteconfig file but the book images from the itunes api only support http.

thank you for your reply. I set https in the siteconfig, but in order to have the homepage loading in https you have to add this to htaccess below RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

but if I do thet, then the layout becomes a mess. Would you know how to fix this? Thanks

Did you also deleted the files in the cache folder to refresh the homepage? and use without the www part. else send me your site url on the item support page so i can see.

Hello – sent 2 emails already and have not heard a response. This script is not working and I have followed the instructions correctly. Plus it seems the script is creating files when I run maldet on them to scan for malware. The script also breaks my https. The contact form does not work. I would appreciate an immediate reply or refund as your instructions state that this is a simple install and you should have a store up and running quickly.

Hi, please contact me on the item support page, i always respond to support messages within 24 hours and i will try my best to help you, i have send you mail.

any backend access?

Hi, no backend access available for now.

After install to my domain but not to open single page, how to fix it..?

I have replied in the email

Is this script support with PHP 7..?

Yes it support PHP 7 i have send you mail.