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Hi I am looking at the plugin for a yoga client.

I would like to know if…...

1) You can limit the booking slots to a certain number…... i.e Between 5pm – 6pm on Tuesday there are only 6 slots available in that hour.

2) Individual users can be limited to their bookings and within a time period.

i.e They can only book 5 slots at time. This is reset the next day.

and they can only book up to two weeks ahead.




I updated the Bookly plugin today and now when I try to add a new service, in padding time options the 15 minutes value disappeared. In the explanation above, 15 minutes are still mentioned so I suppose this is just a bug? I use this option on all of my services so it’s pretty important.

Here’s the screenshot:

Will this be fixed soon or is this value removed for good?

Thanks, Nikola

Few questions – For Home Spa Service for Select Locations only. Can we make the process 1. Select Location -> 2. Select Service (Category/Service) -> 3. Select Therapist Gender -> 4. Date Time -> 5.Client Details (required Terms & Condition along with Nationality and upload (phone camera photo) ID Proof Document) -> 6. Payment -> 7.Confirm

There will be multiple staff for same service and time slot i.e. can we manage slots as per the number of available staff for the selected service(s) Multiple Services can be selected adding up the time (duration)

Please disregard.

Hello, I have a presales question. I want to give individuals (for example coaches) and companies the option to add their services (appointments) to the Bookly system.

Secondly, I want visitors to signup for these appointments.

The second part is possible but is it possible to give (registered) users the ability to add their services through front-end forms? I don’t want anyone to have access to a WordPress admin backend.

Thanks, Jos

Forgot a second pre-sales question. Is there a way to integrate Google Maps. Say we have multiple locations where people work from. Is it possible to show maps?

Hello. Is it possible to combine step 1 and 2 and then keep the rest as they are? We’d like to show the calender on the first part where they are picking the service.

Also how do we get the design you have on your live demo? With the nice background and boxing and everything.

Hello. Really liking your plugin and its functionality, and looking to possibly upgrade to premium paid version if this works as hoped.

However I’m having a very serious basic functionality problem with it. Namely, I cannot get the “Insert Bookly form” buttons to work at all. Other inserts like NextGen are working fine. But I hit the “Insert Bookly booking form,” the popup comes up, and select my options, and then hit “Submit” and nothing happens. Eventually I have to x it closed. It worked once, then never worked again to let me customize or do anything. Same for “Insert Bookly appointments list.”

I’m running the most current version of WordPress and installed the most recent install of your plugin into it. I’ve cleared both my browser cache and the master WordPress site caches, but still nothing.

I really would like this resolved as soon as possible as without this I simply cannot use your plugin in any practical way.


I was hoping to make it so on a certain day from a certain time frame, there is not the possibility of a client scheduling. I’m not sure how to go about this?