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We have purchased this service and a few plugins, however we’re having a problem finding the ‘Cancellation Reason’ field that the member of staff can populate when cancelling bookings. Please could someone help us find this?


Sean Keane

Hi Sean,

The cancellation reason can be filled in only when you delete an appointment with a pending status (in the back-end).


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Hi Team,

We want to purchase this plugin (Bookly plugin of wordpress). We need to integrate in multi vendor. Can we integrate this into Dokan Pulgin. If this is not feasible with this plugin then can you suggest what will be the cost to integrate this with Dokan plugin. Please respond ASAP.

1) How can I add hidden notes fields for the customer, so the service providers can add color formulas, notes and what not to the customer records? I see the internal notes, but only way I see to access it, is clicking on appointment. I thought I saw somewhere there was a place to add custom fields in a video or was I thinking about different software?

2) On the calendar view… How can I get it not to display the times the business is closed? Currently it is showing from 12am to 9 am and from 6pm to 12pm

3) FYI… On the “SMS Notifications” page you need to fix the “number_format” for the pricing… the trailing zeros are missing…

Hello, I interested in premium support services where I can explain how we plan to use the plugin and help us setup the service without any problems.

We are a language learning school and provide scheduled lessons both on site and online and we want to automate the whole process.

Please get in touch with me for details.


important question: is it possible to have an custom email function “after” the booking?


I am a company which proposes lot of events. After every event, I send an e-mail to the customer, with a photo.

Is it possible to manage that since Bookly? With the e-mail address that the customer gave for the reservation?

Or could you create this function for us?

Thank tou


i have been using bookly for a while now..however recently i am experiencing the following

Security header is not valid

all credentials are the same and have not changed since the initial installation. please help

Hello Man,

I have bought your main WP plugins and 3 other add-ons but there was a problem installing all the add-ons in the main website even though I followed the instruction from your documents.

I have already made the complaint 6 days ago with all the details and purchase code but still, no success, are you guys are willing to support or Do I need to look for other option?

Do let me know, My Request no. is #54992 and I am looking forward

Best Regards: VJ