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Is it possible to use this plug-in for a ‘wash schedule’ for an apartment building?

Let me explain: We have 3 washing machines and 2 dryers. People can sign-up for timeslots of 1.5 hours from 09:00 – 23:00. You can maximum sign up 1 week in advance and there is no maximum to how many times you can sign up. The admins must be able to overrule the schedule through the admin panel. Obviously only 1 person can use 1 machine at the same time. Is this possible with this plug-in or can you guys do a custom edit for me to make it work like this? And how much would that cost?

Hi, AlexanderStromberg

We received your inquiry. The plugin is designed to be more self-managed. So, the items can be managed as a single item with multiple time slots. An admin will be able to decline an appointment. But, once accepted it remains permanent. We hope this information helps.

The Team,

Web Dev Studio

Hi, can i change the view of the products to a grid?

is there any option to translate this plugin to russian?

My company bought this plugin and created a form and everything and added it to the page and it showed. When I tried accessing the form again there was no form there and the information disappeared from the page. I did this more than 3 times and it was the same thing.

Is it possible to use this for a limo service business, renting limo?

I have high-level requirement for Many to Many reservation system. I read your documentation and would like to gauge how much my requirements will be supported from the out of box install and how easy to customize if it has to be extended. 1. Admin will setup various rental forms with right fields. 2. Vendors will login and register their rental items by selecting right forms. Vendors will setup their payment methods so that custmers can pay. 3. Customers will register; search for rentals; pick their rental items and book it for a specified date,time slots; reservation can be auto approved or approved by vendor via. Customers will provide feedback,comments.

This plugin dosnt suport british pound currency

Presale question: Can I limit the number of bookings per person? For example, set it up so that each customer can only make one booking per month.

Can’t get it to save the forms

So to clarify a previous comment of yours from 9mths ago, if a booking is made and needs to be cancelled, it’s not possible to cancel it? Thx.

Hello, can the plugin been used for Book online Tee time for Golf Course ? The only needed is time intrerval every 8 and 7 minutes. for example 08:00, 08:08 , 08:15, 08:23 (one available every 8 and 7 minutes) ?

hi, i purchased your plug-in .. when i make a new form and i want to make save .. it can’t be happened .. so please advice me .. and if cannot be solved i want i refund money .. thank u


mslaros Purchased

Can’t get it to save the form, please help!

I am interesting it after saw the demo admin. Can i change time settiing AM/PM to 24hour format?

the function: System profiles or “Presets” (To get started fast, choose from multiple pre-built BookitNow presets that fits your purpose.) cannot make installa preset for events, and have problems saving the form or booking, some advice?