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Great addon! I like it! :)

Thank you diank123 :)

This is nice, can we get possible group ticket buying so that one person can buy the ticket for a group, enter their information in individually based on name, e-mail, time slots and sessions, and when they check-out the e-mail gets distributed to each group member?

Hi mriexinger,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

At the moment there is no such option, however it’s a good suggestion for future update – we’ll look into this functionality, thank you for your suggestion.

Great! Just one question: I want to use this plugin for some of my clients (clubs/venues). Does it print a unique barcode or QR code on the ticket? Second question: can we export the generated barcodes so we can scan them at the venues and we know whether it’s a valid barcode or not?

Thanks! Wouter

Hi Wouter,

Thank you for your interest in our product!

At the moment – you can place barcode on the ticket templates, and when you do so – you have option to select which contents of the booking to encode in the barcode, for example, reservation ID or customer name, or lastname etc.. that way you can match scanned ticket with the actual reservation details. We’ll look into your suggestion about displaying same barcode in reservations.

Super work my friend :) Very useful!!! wish you luck and many-many sales

Thank you Eugene!


Any plans to add QR codes option to the ticket? This way, we can scan the ticket with a cell phone as it is simple enough to read and register attendees instead of having to have a barcode scanner.

Hi ibspoint,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

It can be done relatively easily, since PDF generator library which we use has QRCode capabilities. Let us think about it and decide when/how to release it. Thanks for suggestion!

Hi, if I enable “logo” in pdf ticket i obtain always this error “TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get image [...]”. How can i solve? Another question: Can i send the ticket pdf only after the payment? Thanks

Hi rebster,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Please use support forum for any support related inquiry – – we’ll be happy to help.

I had a question before i purchase this plugin. I want to do a raffle each week can i sell a raffle ticket with a unique number ? Would it mail our the buyers ticket for the product?

Hi UrbnDesignz,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

BookingWizz Event Tickets addon is used to generate a ticket for online reservation and send it to customer. Theoretically, you can use it for raffle, as customers who pay for the ticket would receive the ticket with booking number to their email – then you can randomly pick reservation# and announce it as a winner.

Please note that BookingWizz Event Tickets – requires original BookingWizz (Booking System), as it is an addon for the main system.

I cant login to admin page :/ is that : admin/admin ?

Hi klickonnet,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

It’s admin / pass

can I integrate this script to my HTML-page?

You will need to either enable PHP processing in HTML pages through htaccess, or use iframe in HTML pages to display booking system homepage, or just redirect customers to standalone booking page (like our demo) and adjust the design of that page to look like your site.

In future release we will add Javascript integration for any platform, including for simple HTML pages.

How to find the path of ticket.pdf ? I would like to automatic download or a link to download the ticket after booking has done!

Hi agencewebphoenix,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Please use support forum for any support related questions – – we’ll be happy to help.

Some tips. First, your demo seems broken. It makes me select 2 30 minute sessions for $10 each and then display is as Q1 Price $10 total $20. It makes no sense.

It would also be useful to see the ticket that it issues. Why do you need a ticket for an appointment? Are there tickets at all? I’m looking for a ticket/event booking system. Not something for a doctor’s office

Hi bsdGuru,

You don’t need a ticket for appointment, that’s true. But the system was built for many different businesses / scenarios. Event tickets are used only in events booking for example. If you want to test it – please use the demo links in main product page:

Hello, Have you added the barcode/QR code option? so we can verify tickets with a qr/barcode reader.

Hi alishachris,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

You can add barcode to tickets. However we haven’t added QR code option yet.

Just bought this plugin…and I’m also looking for a QR code option. Any timeline on that? But you say I can do a barcode…can that be done on a ticket by ticket basis? I need some way to check-in customers at the event location. Being able to scan their ticket with a QR code reader (or maybe barcode) would be ideal! Please advise.

Hi Stikerplate,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Unfortunately, no ETA at this time.

When you create ticket template – you can specify whether to show barcode or not. If you select it – then it will be present on all tickets associated with events which have this ticket template selected.

You can scan barcode with any barcode scanning app on your phone, however, at the moment, nothing happens – it will just display information on your screen (it won’t do anything on the backend, like mark ticket as scanned for example).

If you need anything beyond this functionality – you can send us request through our codecanyon profile page or our site with all the details and we’ll reply with a quote.

Can i customize the design and form which appears on click..

Hi ideal4site,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

You can only through code editing.

Good Luck With Sale :)

Hello, there are any possibility like event ticket booking, like concert, shows etc,bus tickets,movie ticket, restaurant booking, amusement park ticket, hotel booking etc. Thanks

Hi razu049,

Please take a look on the demo link. This product generates tickets for Events.