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Hello there I am interested to buy this product. Can I customize this product like…? Or how much will it cost to customize this product like if your support team customize it for me…?

Hi amir52, Bookingo is a full Multi Hotel platform similar to you can make all changes you need, what actually bookingo can’t do is to connect to other pages api like booking or expedia, regards

Can I have your email address through that I can send you my requirement? Cause I don’t know that this script comes with all the features I need or I have to customize the other features.

I am thinking of not buying this plugin, but I have some questions, is it possible to integrate it with woocommerce so I can use the payment methods I have in woocommerce?

It is completely configurable, in the sense that if I have a hotel that accepts me 2 children and I have another that accepts me up to four children in the same room?

Is it possible to put different types of promotions for different types of hotels?

For example a hotel offers a different price for each of the minors, ie the first minor pays $ 100, the second $ 50 and third free.

Or for example to tell me that the second minor is free, is it possible to configure it so?

Is it possible to integrate Brookers type Hotelbeds, Restel, etc?

I am waiting for your answers.

Hi jlps1977, thanks for the question, well Bookingo is not compatible with woocommerce, Bookingo is a complete php framework script, now for the configurable for the children yes is possible, the promotion option not sure how you want to manage but right now every hotel manage its own price per room, now for other customization is possible but you need time and a web developer to do this, regards :)

Two question pre-sale:

1- Can create access to hotel as extranet? in this case the hotels can add rooms and prices.

2- Compatible with stripe gateway payments?

Hi daizprua, 1. yes, 2. not yet, but if you know how to add stripe you will be able to add it in php :)

Hello! Great script by the way!!

While installing – its showing the Red warning under “System Requirements”

MySQL Status – MySQL not Available

can you please help? Thanks!

Hi, i search a software like yours. But your Demo is offline, (Bandwith Limit) ... Can you help to show me a demo pls?


Hi my friend, thanks for message, can you check again, regards :)


Can you integrate this with payment gateway




cmhgenius Purchased

hi, i have purchase the script and install. and i found out that i cant add new hotel due to the hotel_new.php this script are missing. please kindly help me solve this issue. thank you

Hi cmhgnius, hmm that’s not possible all files are in the zip file, did you upload all the zip file or via ftp all files? can you double check if the file is there, also you can send me an email if you fill the contact form in my profile here so I can check this :)


cmhgenius Purchased


why when i using ipad or smartphone login that time. it cannot redirect to dashboard??