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Hi By mistake i have buy stand alone system can you please suggest me how can i change that order and get this version.

Please send me an Email via my profile here, you will find a contact form :)


fraedu Purchased

hi can you please send me a guide how to install it

Hi in the zip file there should be a Quick Star Guide, basically you need to create a mysql DB then upload all the files to your server, after this go to your URL:

After Install the script the css show broken.

Ok, oh you mean the auto complete in front end? this is not possible right now, you need to make some changes to add a dropdown, regards

No issue can you send me where need to edit in code to make this happen.

yeah for sure, send me an Email so I can give the details, regards :)


fraedu Purchased

hi, unfortunately my it skills are very low, could you please help me to install it? thanks

Hi ok I see, please send me an Email, you can fill the contact form in my profile here in codecanyon.

is it work with wordpress? If no, is there anyway connect wordpress if i buy this plugin

Hi well in this case Bookingo is a full framework, so you will need to install bookingo in a sub domain, and add a booking form in your wordpress site in order to work, regards.

How to change the main theme ? Pls brief

Hi, you need to create a new Theme, copy the folder: inc/templates/default/ and start editing your template from there, you need to understand the structure of bookingo to do this, in upcoming updates we’ll add more templates, regards



hunne Purchased

Hey Bookingo Team,

have updated/instaled to the new version and get an error. Images are not founded and the url’s for the next stepps are nor working.

The new instalation are avallibel via this url

Thx for your soon repla.

Till than… Atilla

Hi sorry for delay, I see just with some images, can you please send me an email with your cPanel access so I can check this, regards.

how to change home banner …........ it does not change whether i type anything…. Lorem ipsum dolor sit?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipis from $750

Hi sorry for delay, for the moment this is done via an php file, but in the next update will be fixed, also the new update will have a new theme, regards.

hi i want to give the file to my developer for payment gateway integration if developer misuse the file ? where we can change the licence key or will provide new key?

Any updates

Hi sorry for delay, we were in holidays in our country, you don’t need to change the licence for this, regards.

Are your script open source can i make changes ?

Hi sorry for late reply didn’t get the notification, yes is open source, all is php and html so you can make changes :)


wonder9 Purchased

Hi, I purchased the bookingo script 4 days a go and this is my purchase code 70797e76-67a9-4c17-88dd-a76b01e51415.

I am straggling to make it work in the following 2 areas. 1, I understand when there is a new booking, the system is supposed to email to the new client to welcome him and send him his itinerary number ..Right ? well I tried everything I could think about ans it does not send any emails neither to the client nor to the site’s admin. I tried the config.php file to change smtp port but notheing . By the way I am using the smtp credentials of my domain hosted at Hostgator. Please advise me where to look at to make it to send emails.

2. At the contact Us page it does not show the Company’s Map. Although I have and use my google api key and it works to see view the map of the hotel’s position on google maps. Please direct me where to look at to correct this. Thank you

Hi sorry for delay, I was out office for 1 week, I’m back, I need you to send me an Email, fill the contact form in my profile, regards.


wonder9 Purchased

Hi, I see you claim to provide support, within 2 days.. It has already been 4 days and no response from you yet. By the way I am very disappointed with your script… No much seems to works, apart from the ones in my last contact …have you tried to add a hotel with the script you provide ? Unless you have an other one which really works. I have spent already countless hours trying to make it work. The help pages you include with your script do not provide solutions to the problems one can face when so many pages do not work. I am sure you should already know about all errors on your script if you have sold it before. I am surprised you are selling this as is before you have looked at it to make it work. The final question I have for you is : who is going to pay me for the time I am spending trying to make this work, even as is without further customisation ?

Hi sorry for delay, I was out office for 1 week, I’m back, not sure why you get this errors, we have a lot of clients and didn’t report this, also we have some demos for testing and work fine, I could check this issues if you could send me all the details via Email, fill the contact form in my profile, regards.

hi,i just bought your template but in the process of installing it,after unzip files,send them to cpanel via ftp,i create database via database wizard but your template displays some errors,which does not allow me use the software

Hi my friend sorry for delay, can you please send me a Email with your URL so I can help you with installation, regards :)

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi. which email do i send my login credentials too? taking time

Up till now in the past 4day,u havent sent me the email to reply u with my login details

Sorry my friend, but I was waiting for your Email and I got it today, regards

hope am not going to regret buying this template

can you give me your email address to send my issues to