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hans750 Purchased

The newsletter does not work. Not received any email. Thanks


hans750 Purchased

No, but no received any email.


hans750 Purchased

I feel I have download the wrong version, there are small bugs, for example in the Administration Overview Hotel you can not place changes … and the error in the map of google …

Please send me an Email in my profile here there is a form, contact me there, and send you site URL to check :)


hans750 Purchased

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Hellow, good day. I was wanting to ask you the developer about your script Bookingo Hotel Booking System on codecanyon. I checked the demo version of the script and wondered if the script automatically charges credit card payments online, before hotel reservations are made. In other words what i mearnt is that, can public users book hotel rooms online with their credit cards, and payments from their card is charged immediately (means i will receive their cc payments online) before hotel reservations can be concluded?

Sorry for any typos, my mistake.

Hi ebi360, in this case Bookingo has the Paypal option or Pay at the Hotel, but the credit card is not charged, you only get the credit card info encrypted and you need to make the charge manually, now for paypal will be charged for the reservation :)

is there a woocommerce or wordpress version?

Hi my friend, Bookingo don’t work on that, regards

Is it possible to remove bookingo branding for our own?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Why does this script only allow THREE room types? We try and try to add two more. The script says they are added successfully, but they don’t appear! How can we even use this product if you won’t answer any support questions?

Hola amigo,

Es posible poder comunicarnos contigo, para poder tener un poco más de información sobre algunas modificaciones que queremos hacerle a tu código, para que se ajuste a nuestras necesidades ??

también somos de GT.

Hi, yes, please contact us in our profile, there is a contact form :)

Is it critical that Bootstrap runs on the home page for the small form (as shown in the demo)? Because if Bootstrap stylesheets are loaded on my home page, they interfere with several other elements. I’m hoping that Bootstrap is only required on pages that are actually part of the script’s activity.

I also read that the script must be installed in the root directory. If this is true, then won’t there be a Bookingo index file that will overwrite my native index.php file? Or will I be able to install the script in a folder called /bookingo ?

Hi, again. Some of my queries go back four days. It would be nice to get these answers so that I can buy the script and get on with it. Thanks.

Hi, yeah must be in root, or you can create a sub-domain, sub folder won’t work, if need help with this we could help on installation, regards :)

pre purchase question,

It is said that BOOKINGO Hotel is divided into two areas ,Website and Admin Panel.

How to access to Website ?


I’ve tried everything - and so have the server techs - to get this script installed. I created the DB of course. I uploaded the files to a subdomain. I continue getting an error page that says ‘MySQL not available’.

I note that you do not specify if the contents of both zip files belong on the server. I tried one, then both. The result is always the same.

Please don’t make me wait for such a long time to get this product installed.

No, we CANNOT give out our access information. I did that once before and it caused enormous problems.

We can make this very quick. Just tell me the CORRECT way to upload the files, since that information is nowhere to be found.

There are two zipped folders, Upload and Documentation. Do the contents of both of those go to the server, and do they all share one space? Or should there be some folders created? You need to tell people this!

According to bookingo docs, the ‘db.php’ file should be in connect folder. But there is no such folder.

I notice from reading backwards through these comments that the author often states that he is on holidays. So if you buy this script, be aware that there are many people - even experienced people - who have installation problems. I am having such problems, largely because there is no documentation that explains the proper file structure, or maybe there are files missing from the download package. And if the author is “on holidays” when you buy this, you might want to prepare for long waits just to get up and running.

We reply your Email please check, regards

You can’t just abandon people after they’ve bought your script. We’re sitting here waiting for you to help as you promised you would. Please at least help us to get the script installed so that we can carry on.

My friend, I told you we were on holidays we just came back office, sorry for that, we reply your Email

I found the problem. I changed the PHP version and suddenly I was able to install Bookingo.

I’m now trying to set up the script, but I can only enter three room types. I note that when I add more than three, the script accepts them and states that they were successfully entered, but on the room list, still only the first three are showing.

Please reply the Email, regards

How do we stop anyone from accessing the backend of our script with your generic demo credentials (admin/demo123)? We removed the installation file as required, but this has not prevented access by anybody who knows the logins. You must provide a way to stop this!

In the admin you can change admin credentials, please check product documentation

Please help us to fix this problem: Bookingo only lists three room types in the backend. We have five in total. The remaining two are accepted upon submission, but they simply are not shown in the list.

Worse still, when a customer tries to book in the front end, NO rooms are available. The message is “No available room in this moment.”

I’m afraid we can’t wait much longer for support. It has been a week since we bought the script, and our client is understandably losing patience. Without your input we will have no choice but to request a refund and buy another product.

Hi not sure why you get this issue, Bookingo can handle unlimited room types, did you check in the DB if it adds it?