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is it possible to develop category and listing according to categories..also need populer and upcoming events booking modules.. can you develop someting like that with some adding new costum fields.. for booking manager?

Yes, it is possible, and I might implement that feature in the next update.

when will you öake the next pdate sir

I don’t have the release date yet.


Haven’t seen an example of what I am wanting so I will just ask.

I belong to a bridge club of 20 + people. Every week, we each need to sign up for attendance. Please confirm that your plugin will accommodate this, ie., as people sign up, every member can logon and individually sign up plus see who has already committed to attending.

A simple function. I’m sure your plugin can do this. Just want to make sure before purchasing…


Yes, user can sign up for free or paid events, but they will not be able to see names of users who already signed up, only number of available spots/seats.

dear alex I noticed that when someone will make a booking is booking for only for 1 person,ist possible to make selection in paypal payment page..defaulty its coming 1 person..but paypal has a option to ask the quantaty on its page.. infact it will be better do that in cms pro ..I am going to buy this module but this is a problem for me can you advice soonest please?

can you make modification?

Got it. I will reply shortly.

HI , can customer ( member) post events? thank you

Sorry, they cannot.

I am trying to customize the module a little bit for our Nightclub. I am trying to hide the following items can you help.

- Event Capacity: N/A - Price - This is non bookable event. (Bookable)

Can you tell me what lines of code to modify and where?

Open up /modules/booking/theme/current theme/main.php and remove lines from 58 – 60 starting with

<div class="item" />

It would be possible add photos of every user booked into the event?

Are there the possibility to add option to pay on the venue? Is it hard to do?

Are there the possibility to add how as a plugin event manager and upcoming event? It would be possible add in some part of pages same as event manager?

I have replied to your email.

I want to export registrants per event to excel. Is this difficult to do? I would already be happy with a SQL script to run on the database. You have any guidelines for me to start? Thanks.

Sorry, there is no option to export registrants to xcel file, but I can help you with that. Please email me from my profile page for instructions.

When you book 2 events with the same name (event slug), or when leaving the event slug empty and using the same event title on different days you get the 404 page when you click the calender on the second created event when you want to look at the event details. Is there a way out to NOT having to write different event slug titles because different people will register events. Thanks.

Unfortunatelly ,there is no way around it for now. You will need unique slugs for each event tile.

I’d like to sell a course by your booking module. The courses (off-line) have a fix number of students so when someone buy the course the availability of it decreases. Is it possible to do it? What payment methods are supported ? When I create a new event there are some classifications like :

Recurring ; Event Course

Can you explain the different between two choices in your system?

Thank you for you support

Best Regards, Fabio

I’d like to sell coupon and I’d like to buy your digital module for it. This is my requirement:

When the customer buys the package receive an email and he can print a coupon. Do you think that your digital module can help me?

Kind Regards, Fabio

Digishop module will allow you to sell any type of digital media. In your case you can zip image, of PDF if you’re using coupons. Once payment is processed user will be able to download, and print.

As for booking module, yes the number of events will,decrease based on each purchase. Recurring events can reoccur once every x number of days, while course can run for x number of days. The same payment methods used in cms pro core are available in booking module as well.

Hi I need to develop a digital presentation system similar to this link

which of your Booking Module you believe I could do it?

Booking module on its on will not help you here. From what I saw, you will need portfolio module as well as cms pro.

you have the system that I need to offer? regards

Take a look at cms pro and portfolio module, and see if that will work for you


Hi i bought item, i wish to use it for a salon booking system, can you tell me if it is possile and give me some sort of tutorial.

Thank you

Sure, I can implement those features as well in the next update.

do you have a time period for the nest update?

Sorry, I don’t have the date at this time.

is there anyway i can add left and right buttons in calendar view, to move to the next month?

eg. currently displaying october, and have a button to move to novemeber

There are buttons to navigate months in calendar view, left and right corner.

i have put in a rusian address in the booking, but google maps keep saying

“Sorry! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.” can you help Thanks

Google maps now require API key in order to use them. So there is a quick fix, that requires making few changes. Please email me from my profile page for instructions.

Hi can you please tell me if it is possible to enable some sort of book as guset as my client dont need a client base, just book by paypal.

Thank you

Unfortunately, that’s not possible, since lot of thing depend on user being logged in

hi i am looking for a way to remove the user account login and replace the buy button with an email contact form, can you assist me in this thank you.

When you say user login, are you referring to cms pro login, or booking module?

booking module

All right in that case, I assume all your events will be free, and I can help you remove login button. Please email me from my profile page for instructions.

Hi I’m getting this message error when trying to install the booking manager mod:

mySQL WARNING! DB Error: mySQL Error on Query : INSERT INTO `email_templates` (`id`, `name_en`, `subject_en`, `help_en`, `body_en`, `type`, `typeid`) VALUES (16, ‘Event Payment’, ‘Event Payment Completed’, ‘This template is used to notify user on successful booking event payment transaction.’, ‘ \r\n

Hello, [NAME]
You have successfully purchased and booked:
View Event Details
\r\n[SITE_NAME] Team
’, ‘mailer’, NULL); More Information: Mysql Error : 1062 Mysql Error no # : Duplicate entry ‘16’ for key ‘PRIMARY’ Date : December 20, 2016, 3:54 pm Referer: 1 Script: /welcome/module_install.php

That sould not happen. All email templates have unique id’s, or you already have booking module installed. Go to phpmyadmin and delete email template with ID 16, and try to install again.

Hello – can you help me

currently the URL is dynamic eg.

The events i plan on using are static, can you please give me a way to remove the Date from the URL. thank you

Even if you modify it, you still need some type of unique handler, such as ID, date slug etc..

Sorry to be a lil dumb the event slug that has different names aren’t unique enough???

Yes they are, that’s all that matters to database. In order to display individual event it must have a unique identifier.

Hi, before I commit to CMS Pro, I just have a question.

Can you assign a page to a booking event, so when they purchase a seat, they gain access to a certain page for this event such as a live stream or information?

Unfortunately, thats not possible. The only way to do it is if user has valid membership access.


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i have a problem with the offline payment option, it will not register as a ticket sold it just shows the loading icon and then back to the book now button? can you please help. thank you

I’m not sure what the problem is, but I can definatelly look into it. Could you please email me from my profile page with your URL and ftp access.


folus Purchased

email sent but no reply please cn you look at this ASAP thank you

I have not received any emails from you. Could you please resend it?


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Hello Gewa, I have a bug with Booking Manager, with the display of days and dates that no longer corresponds when I use a smartphone display. For example, when I use in full screen (PC standard display), August 1st is a Tuesday. When I switch to smartphone display, August 1st becomes a Monday !? Do you have the same bug, fo you have a fix solution to this?

Yes, please send me a quick email from my profile page.

gewa13 this booking module is there a way to setup booking hrs for each day so a client can book a 1 hr slot …..

Unfortunately, you can’t use init for hourly rates, only daily basis