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Via private message. Thanks.

Hi SWATswat,
we received and replied :)

hi, it wont update my password changes

nvmind used the website link

How can I change the Surname to say Last Name instead? Which file to edit?

Hi anttechworld,
you can change all the texts of the script in “Settings > Texts Management” page.
Please let us know if you need further help about that.

How i can resize the form (name, surname,...) like you have in version demo here.

hello friends,

i dont know what is wrong,

when i need book appear this message:

an error ocurred. this time slot could have already been reserved. please retry. (i am tested put 3 seat avaible)

i have activated the paypal method, put the price ….

*dont appear botton closex (in the form ) dont appear botton prev day and netx day

help me please

Hi josesalazar,
we’re sorry, but the one in the demo is the old layout which is not responsive (we have to update it, thank you for reporting it!). The new version has been changed in order to be compatible with tablets and smartphones.
Anyway, if you want to change how the form is displayed, you can customize the css code in “css/mainstyle.css” file.
We’re also available for customizations, so, if you’re interested in, please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with all the details of what you need and we’ll send you our best offer.


ptityop Purchased

Hi, any chance to know where to change those lines ?many thanks

Hi ptityop,
which lines are you referring to?

Just a question, how do I tell what version I have running on my web server at the moment?

Hi icespear,
the version is written inside a file called “version.txt” in the package you downloaded here on CodeCanyon.

Hello. I’m having troubles after install it in a folder and configure it according to documentation, when I hover a day never show the info, a click didn’t show a form.. I can’t book anything, and do not know how to continue. Can you help me? can provide the link by private message.

My steps was copy app to a folder, import db and configure connection, access to control panel and configure Settings. created a category and a calendar as doc say. You can now view the calendar on public site, change the months, but no interact with days.. no js errors are found.

Any help would be appreciated kind regards

Hi Cerotec,
please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with a link to your website, your admin panel access and your FTP access, so we can check your installation and find the cause of the issue.
Thank you.

i cant book still, please help me! i sent the credentials for access to my book calendar ….

Hi josesalazar,
we assisted you via email :)

Hi There, Just purchased your booking calendar and I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind. I need to create an event calendar for only the 6th Jan 2018. It’s a charity event just happening on 1 day. Is there a way I can set or call the page to only show the calendar for Jan 2018. Also, rather than having the dropdown for the calendar to use, I want to put buttons with say “BootCamp”, “Massage”, “Trampoline” and when clicked use the Bootcamp calendar or Massage Calendar etc. Is that doable? Thanks for the help. Best Regards, Steve.

Hi Steve,
you can show the the calendar only for Jan 2018 by configuring the following options in “General settings” page in admin panel:
- Show the first not empty month by default > YES
- Calendar months view: PAST > 0, FUTURE > 0
Regarding the dropdown, we’re sorry, but you can change it without modifying the script code.
A simple workaround for that, could be to add the buttons in the index.php page and set the links to go to a different calendar.
In the admin panel you can see that for each calendar there is a direct link and you can associate those links to each button and you can hide the calendar dropdown by setting the option “Show calendar selection” to “NO” in the “General settings” page.
Please let us know if you have any other question.

Hi Wachipi, Thanks for your reply. Your help is greatly appreciated. When I first tried the events calendar, when I went into the bookings page I could see all the slots I had created (there were 20). I cleared the database and reinstalled using your .sql script. Now when I create the calendar and time slots, the system shows that 20 timeslots were created (08:30-09:00, 09:00-10:00 etc) but when I get to the bookings page it only shows 1 timeslot. The first 1. Do you have any ideas why this is.

Thanks for your help. Best Regards, Steve.

Hi Steve,
the slots shown are only the future ones, so if you have 19 slots in the past and 1 in the future, only that one is shown. Is it possible that you have only one slot in the future (in case the day was today)?
If not, it shouldn’t be related to the re-install, it should work as it did before. Could you please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with a link to your website and your admin panel access, so we can check your configuration and find the cause of the issue?
Thank you.

I used version 3.2 3 days ago – email notification stopped for no apparent reason. I upgraded to 3.8 Doesn’t seem to work either. Please advise.

We use Google Mail …

Hi adrianms69,
if the email notifications always worked and they stopped without you changing anything in our script, then it could be an issue related to your server configuration. We recommend you to contact your server administrator and ask him if anything in the configuration changed that could have caused PHP stop sending email messages.
Let us know how it goes!

We use Gmail for our domain emails – so nothing has changed on that side either. I tried setting another email account – still no notifications. Emails sent from other users to the address used for notifications is received in order.

Hi adrianms69,
the script sends email notifications using PHP, a software installed on the server where your website is hosted, and it has nothing to do with your Gmail accounts settings.
If you haven’t changed anything in the script and the email messages stopped to be sent from there, then it must be something related to PHP settings. Isn’t it possible that your server has been upgraded in the last days?
Let us know!

Hi, the plugin took my website down. After installing the DB file I lost access to the website and website doesn´t load anymore. How to fix this?

Hi NuCardoso,
if you imported the file in an already existing database, that could have happened only if you had tables with the same name of ours that could have been overwritten. That should be extremely rare as we created table names with the prefix “booking_” to prevent issues like that.
Anyway, we can check what happened if you send us a private message using the form in our profile page with a link to your website, PhpMyAdmin and FTP access.
Let us know!

hello, I installed with no problems the calendar, it works but when i test a booking, the message say the booking was made, an e-mail arrive with my booking but the calendar still show that slot free and on admin panel on booking list there are no booked slots.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards, Maurice

Hi Maurice,
it seems that you set the option “Unlimited reservations” in “Settings” section to “unlimited reservations per slot”. To block a slot when it’s reserved, you should set that option to “one reservation per slot”.
Let us know how it goes!

Hi, no, the setting is one reservation per slot. And I can tell You something. Because I didn’t have time, i installed the same calendar on another hosting and there it works so it must be something about compatibility with the engine of the hosting but can You suggest something?

Hi mauriceswift,
thank you for the update.
Could you please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with a link to your website, your FTP access and booking admin panel access?
So we can check the server configuration and find the cause of the issue. If you could send us also the access to the website where it works, it would be great as we’ll be able to do a comparison between the two.
Thank you very much!

Hello, I purchased your plug-in and I really like it so far. I would like to create a calendar for my radio station for interviews. Each day we have different slots available. Is there a way I could edit the times that are available for each ie: Monday 6pm-7pm, Tuesday 4pm-5pm and 8pm-9pm, Weds 7pm-8pm, etc.

Sorry I posted this in the wrong placed. I purchased the WP version. Hopefully you will be able to help me here. I don’t want to post it in both and throw off other people getting help.

Hi slimsdabank,
once you created the calendar, you can create the slot as you want, there are no predefined slots in our plugin.
You will have to go in “Manage Calendars” and click on “Manage” link and then on “Create Time Slots” button. There you’ll be able to add the slots by Weekday as you explained.
Then, if you need to edit them, you can edit all the slots by clicking on “Manage” link in “Manage Calendars” section. Then click on “Modify Time Slots” button and select “modify”. You’ll be able to modify all the slots you added for Monday 6pm-7pm for example.
Please let us know if you need further help.

Need author’s advice and/or help…


PROBLEM: 403 error trying to access /booking or /booking/admin IMPORTANT NOTE: I CAN however, browse to “ANY OTHER SUBFOLDERS of /booking/” ie: https://prowessdigital.com/booking/docs/ “IS” accessible. *

VERIFIED CORRECT: 1) mysql .sql install ran both “check” & “repair,” both passed 2) db credentials /booking/admin/include/db_conn.php

ATTEMPTED: Tried chrome incognito Tried different country ip address (vpn) & incognito Tried Firefox browser

ATTEMPTED SOLUTIONS: Changed permissions to 777 on /booking/ & /booking/index.php

cPanel: https://prowessdigital.com/cpanel login credentials… available upon request

Running: Forgot to mention: PHP 5.6, and InnoDB


Hi keithsager,
could you please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with your cPanel access? It seems to be a server issue and we would like to check your settings.
Thank you!