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vanieg Purchased

I figured it out. Geesh! Just put a read.tx to say that persons need to first create a database, then import the database file into it and next config the obscure file name you used with the password and database login details and open the link in the browser.

Just a simple explanation would do which would have saved me hours in searching for the necessary file location.


vanieg Purchased

I have been trying to figure this thing out all day as the documentation links are not working either from your site and from mine. Whenever I click a menu I am returned a http://www.myurl.com/booking-calendar/documentation/#!/installation for example. What is #!

My purchase code is 067f11cc-4e94-4685-aa37-e736f8cb068c .

Hi vanieg,
We’re sorry, but there’s an issue on Chrome with the documentation, which we’re trying to solve. It works well on Firefox.


SWATswat Purchased

Hello Wachipi,

After the update version 3.4 to 3.8, the informations [reservation-details] are not completed in the “Email sent automatically to customer to confirm reservation” after reservation.

The fields “Additional field 1” and “Additional field 2” do not appear in the mail while they are well select in “Choose the visible fields in the reservation form” and “Choose the mandatory fields in the reservation form” in the “FORM MANAGEMENT” link.

Sorry for my bad english.

An idea ?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Oliver,
That’s very strange. Could you please send us a private message using the form in our profile page with link to your admin panel and your FTP access? So we can check your configurations and do some tests.
Thank you.

Hi Wachipi, I sended you email. Thanks.

Hi Wachipi, currently I use 6.0.3 version. If I update to 6.0.9 the panel where I can modify my calendars/details does not work properly nor my previous calendar settings (e.g. on my website no calendar to see etc). Do you have an idea what the problem is?? Another question: where is Text management?? How can I modify my texts? Thanks a lot, Gizi

Oh, and one more disfunction: if someone reserves a place for an event by us, the whole event disappear from the calendar-view on website, so no one else can see or make a reservation. How can I fix it? Thx, Gizi

hi .. pre-sale question .. i have a very important question … we have a training website with instructors and users .. i want the user to be able to book an appointment in the calendar after one week .. i mean that the user cannot for example book an appointment tomorrow .. the first opening always has to be after 7 days for the instructor to prepare for the meeting … how can I do that with this plugin?

Hi, before I purchase I just need to check some functionality.

My client runs fitness classes and the booking/appointment system needs to be able to handle multiple and single bookings. It also needs to be able to apply a discount for block bookings or classes purchased. For example: a 6 class booking would get a 20% discount.

Would this be possible?