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Hello, really like your work, have some pre-sale questions :) Is it possible to maintain multiple apartments calendars on one website? Each apartment with its own subpage and its own calendar? Are calendars layouts responsive when integrated into website? Is PayPall payment fully working or does it need some customizations? Is it possible that we take one of languages provided, ie fr, and translate it into our own language, and how can we do it? Thank you in advance.

Hi, Sorry for late reply. 1. You can import/export apartment list with excel format. 2. No, apartment is belong to calendar and calendar belong to manager (users). You can have multiple user and each day will have many calendar as administrator want. 3. Yes, calendar is responsive. 4. Paypal is fullyworking. But if you choose to use Adaptive Payment, you must registering with paypal your program. If you use standard payment, only require enter payment email in calendar option. 5. Yes, you can change any language as you want. It’s simple and I already attach a document for it. Thank for interesting on my script.


Everthing looks pretty good and I’m really interested in purchasing. I actually would like to purchase today, but I have a few questions. First, the front end calendar seems a little finicky in the demo and it doesn’t appear to block out a time period after an appointment even after confirming the appointment. Seems like someone can just book the same slot after someone else and that would be a problem especially if payments are involved for bookings. Does the real version of the calendar function more smoothly, and does the system block time slots to prevent double booking? Second. Is there anyway to have appointments automatically confirmed after payments. Finally, I see that there is an auto email sent when appointments are made, but is there any way to set auto email reminders for the user and customer to be delivered a set amount of time before an appointment?

Hi, I will answer your questions. :) 1. seem I don’t understand your question right now. 2. Yes, someone can book same slot with 2 condition: that slot doesn’t full (limit in calendar option. That included aproved book) and that day is on. 3. Demo run same version with real, just limit some update feature. 4. System will not allow book when that slot full (meet limit option in calendar day option – live above ansert). 5. Payment will be confirm when user made payment and click back to website (Link provide by paypal and display on payment page). 6. Auto email reminders can be done with cron job and it does not include in this version.

Regards, Lam

How can users establish timetables from 9 to 2 and then have a break from 2 to 4 and go on from 4 to 6. It is not set up like that but is there a quick workaround?

Hi Marco, My script now not support difference time slot. I hope it will be update in future. Thanks for suggestion:)

1) Is it possible to add currency? 2) Is there an easy way to change the word “Apartment” to “Service”?

The script is not responsive?

Hi Fram, 1. You can add Currency, of course via edit code. 2. yes, you can change any word in language file, easier. 3. Calendar is design in responsive. manager panel is not 100%.

Liked much. Appointment booking and status can be shared through SMS and email? Each and every update should be shared through email and SMS. For example, As a User, I will book the appointment. I should get an email and SMS. The same information should share to the Admin. Admin will accept the appointment. Then, user will get the email and SMS notification about the status. I will buy based on these features. Thank You.

Hi, for now script only have notifycation via Email that user provide in booking form and only notify when manager change booking status. :) thanks for interested

demo page dont work :/ please check it

I just check it out and it work well. I think problem is connection between you and my demo server, Hope it will work for you soon, :) Regards, Lam

Bom dia, Estou tendo problemas na primeira etapa da instalação do Banco de Dados, pois a mensagem que aparece na parte superior da tela é: “Notice: Use of undefined constant BASE_PATH – assumed ‘BASE_PATH’ in C:\wamp\www\LN Booking v1.1.0\Upload\lang\en.php on line 308”. E quando eu preencho as informações do formulário referentes ao Banco de Dados e clico em “Continue Next Stepe”, ele me retorna a seguinte mensagem: “Your database information is incorrect. We cannot connect to server. Please check it and try again.”, ou seja, ele não reconhece as informações do meu banco de dados sendo que as mesmas estão 100% corretas e o meu ambiente de desenvolvimento (wampServer, MYSQL e PHP) também estão instalados corretamente.

Visto que já enviei dois e-mails e ainda não obtive resposta, peço mais uma vez por gentileza que me respondam com urgência, pois necessito dessa ferramenta funcionando o quanto antes para que eu possa concluir um projeto que estou desenvolvendo.

Desde já, agradeço a atenção.

Atenciosamente, Henrique Guerra.

Hi, I am so sorry for late reply. I can not read what you want to say but I think you have problem when install script right? With this error, please go to lang\en.php and remove that line in en.php before you install.

In next time could you please use english? I really confuse when receive your email.

Regards, Lam

If you still have problem please contact me. I will help you install it asap :)

Your calendar seems to be just what I need. I have two questions, just to be sure: 1. Is there language support, so I can make a language file with other languages? 2. Can I set up different calendars for different user groups. I need a solution where users only have acces to the calendars (normally this would be one, two or three but it could be many more).

Best regards,

HI, sorry for late reply. I arrival to Sydney and when login they lock my account for security. 1. Yes, sure you can add many language if you want. 2. System have 2 user group: manager and admin. Each manager will have many calendar as admin give they. Thanks, Lam

Great. Thanks. :-)

Do you have admin login to test the admin area

the script maybe works correctly, but in my case not… the support is really shit and till now i dont have a solution for the problem to make it work on another domain… my hoster says i have to look with the developer and he says i must do it byself… in my case is not a good script.

Hello, I’m interested to this module and would like to know if you can install it on my PHP site such that each service provider can create his/her own calendar when logged in. Could the calendar be embedded in the product description popup box of each user?

actualy it build for this kind of application. multi user but it need advanced php knowledge to integrate to your current user data. Calendar can embedded to any popup because it base on jquery and pure javascript.

That’s good, could you implement it? Could you make is so that when service providers sign in the site they have access to the calendar immediately? I wiill pay for the installation.

Yes I can, but unfortunately I not have enough time to do. This script have user table with permission. If your developer can link both user table so it will work easy.

Hi jfeuzeu, I can do that change, its easy, we have to link users table and calendar table so whenever each user will login they will see their calendar.

Reply me if you want me to do that. Thanks


ogcteam Purchased

I can’t install the script, at the step “my sql data” it does not go on. But i have the correct acsass data. (copy and paste) what am I doing wrong