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Very nice plugin , but i want to know when you will add woocommerce support?, cause i read old comment (of 2 years ago) and you said that woocommerce not planned at this moment , can you tell me if you will add woocommerce in future version or no, and in which version exactely ?


Hi, we still do not have plans for woocommerce integration :(

Hi, can i use different paypal accounts for different projects?

Hi, that is not possible at the moment :(

Hello! first of all your plugin is amazing! :) .. I have a question though .. How can I change the paypal button ? Thank you in advance

Hi, the Paypal button image can be changed by editing the following file: \lib\views\templates\checkoutgrid.php

Edit line: 545

<button type=”submit” name=”booki_checkout” value=”1” class=”booki-cart-checkout”> </button>

As you can note from the markup above, we link directly to Paypal and use their official image button. Feel free to change this to the image you want.

Hope that helps.

I have a conflict with two other plugins: CiviCRM (v4.7.15) and Calculated Fields Form (v1.0.179) on Wordpress 4.8.2.

The other plugin works fine after installation of Booki, but on open a Booki page I have the following error (this is error on development environment, but the problem is the same in production environment):

Fatal error: Booki_OrderSummary::_construct(): The script tried to execute a method or access a property of an incomplete object. Please ensure that the class definition “Booki_Bookings” of the object you are trying to operate on was loaded _before unserialize() gets called or provide a __autoload() function to load the class definition in D:\xampp\htdocs\wp-content\plugins\codecanyon-7460830-booki-wordpress-booking-calendar-plugin-for-reservations-and-appointments\lib\infrastructure\ui\OrderSummary.php on line 104

Is this a Booki problem? If I disable both the plugins, Booki works without error.

It’s not related to this plugin but the plugin does check for the existence of PHP SESSIONS and if it detects that PHP SESSIONS are not supported, it will use an alternate solution. This is why it is working for you.

You may force the plugin to function in this way permanently.

To do this, go in the plugins index.php page (root folder of the plugin) and uncomment line 76 – 78 :

            define('BOOKI_USE_PHP_SESSIONS',  false);

Note the PHP comments above, remove the forward slash and asterix /**/

Hope that helps.

I modify the code and it works! Very good news, now I could try in deep all the functionalities. Thank you.

Many thanks for reporting back.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Good afternoon, Since you support PayPal only at the moment, may I ask you if you support PayPal express checkout?

Hi, Yes it is PayPal Express checkout. Please try to checkout in any of our online demo content to see this in action.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your fast response. Is there an option to keep the user on my website to finalise the booking?

No, the user will be redirected back to your site after completing payment successfully.

Right, Is there an option to keep the user on my website to finalise the booking?

No, the user will be redirected back to your site after successful completion of payment.

Hi I would like to know more about the form building function. Can I use the plugin for members and members themselves create the form they like and can it be for food delivery?

Hi, that is not possible with this plugin.

Hi. I need to know if you plan to offer Stripe payments and 2-way Google Calendar sync in the future. Do you have a feature request board or something like that?

We do not support stripe nor 2-way sync with google at the moment :(

I know you don’t support it at the moment, thanks. I was asking how are you managing feature requests. Do you have a feature request board or something like that?

Note: those two features are probably the only weaknesses of your otherwise great product, when compared to your competitors (I’ve tried most of them):

Hi, I apologize for the late response. While there are no such plans as of yet for this plugin, we will be releasing a separate plugin in a couple of days which will support two way sync with any source that exposes/consumes an iCAL feed.

Google for instance supports this so you should be fine. In addition, it will also support stripe and other alternative payment providers out of the box among many other new features you wont be seeing on any other plugin.

Please check back with us again at a later time.

Hope that helps.

Hello again. I have done this before with other CodeCanyon items, but just in case I will ask you too: can I buy Booki, register it on one domain, and use it on several subdomains?

You will require a separate purchase for each domain. This is the only licensing option available in the marketplace and is true for all items, not just this plugin.

Pre-sale questions… How does the plugin notify me of a booking. Can I enter my Gmail address so it emails me directly (which I hope it does), or does the plugin reply on an email account with my host or WordPress Total Theme.

I currently use a plugin that no longer provides service so I need to buy a new plugin, but can you look at my link and tell me if your plugin will allow me to create a similar-looking design and booking process. I use PayPal. https://agentschoice360.com/bookus

It’s pretty simple… just me as the only photographer with the option of providing visitors with the choice of four 2-hour time slots each day, 7 days a week.

Also, does your plugin have the option to simply “turn off” days in case I want t take 2-3 days off for vacation.

I’m considering your plugin after another well-known booking plugin company raised their price by $20 in just 6 months; $30-$40 in just a few years!!! Talk about inflation!

Thanks in advance!

~ Frank

Hi, I’ve taken a look at your page and sadly it is not possible to achieve that with our plugin.

However, we do have a separate plugin that will be releasing in a couple of days, which can manage that and will surely be priced fairly. Please check back with us again.

Hope that helps.

Hi There,

Can the CLIENT (end-user) log in and cancel or change the booking they just made? If so, do you have an example of this page?

Hi, if membership is enabled, then registered users that log in can view their booking history & cancel the booking, which then needs to be approved by the administrator. However, keep in mind that they cannot edit the booking.

Hope that helps.


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When I create a New season for special days, it doesn’t create it or save it. How can I fix it? So far it has always worked. Why isn’t it working now? Thanks!


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Hi. I haven’t added any new plugin since I have this problem and I still have this problem even if I try to disable some plugin or all of them. Thank you

This feature works out of the box and is definitely an issue with your environment.

Please contact us through our plugins support page and provide login credentials to your Wordpress instance. I will be happy to take a look at this and let you know with surety what might be the problem.

Hope that helps.


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I have sent you a message, thank you


i have a qustion.

i want know Email reminders.

i want use this Booki with book booking.

Is there a function to send an e-mail two weeks after borrowing a book?

best regard shimamura


Typps Author

Hi, you can send a reminder before the booking date not after. Two weeks after is not possible I’m afraid.

Hello thank your for your commnet.


Hi, works your plugin for car rent company?

For example that some user want rent car from 1.12.2017 to 10.12.2017, that your plugin calculate price 10x some price?

And if yes, can your plugin set different price for example januar to june, different price from july to september, and different price october to december? And if yes, can your plugin calculate different price if user select only from 1 to 9 days, and different price from 10 days and more? for example if user select only car from one to nine days so it will be standart price, but if rent car from 10 days and more so will be from each day discount for example 5% etc.

Thanks for your answer.


Typps Author


1.Cost can add up by number of days within the selected range.

2. You can set a minimum booking for a percentage based discount.

Hope that helps.

Hi Typps,

How can we set the sender to my notification is my guest? instead of from admin@biliranisland.com, the guest email add will show. so that i can easily reply to the query..