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HI Typps, Seems that your plugin is nearly what we need for our project, but in fact we need additional feature. Is there a possibility to use some kind of credits for booking? For example myCRED plugin? To explain – we need a booking system for online live language lessons. Idea is that user will buy “lessons” (credits – one or bundles – 10, 20, 30 etc.) and then he will spend them to book time slots at any time. One time slot costs one “lesson” (credit). So question is – is there a way to integrate any user credits plugin (or simply create new currency – “credits” – that will use credits that are avaliable for the user)? Or maybe you could develop an addon for us (at extra charge of course) to give us such a functionality? Maybe second variant will be better as we need some other features too. They are not so important as credits, but if you could help us with them it would be great. Regards, Stepan

Hi, sadly we do not support credit systems at the moment :(

That is sad… And no way to hire you to develop this functionality for us? :) I’m not one who is in charge for money questions in our company, but I think that it’ll be possible to pay you for this. We can hire programmer to develop some kind of plugin for your plugin… but I think there will be some problems with it, as we will need to change your plugin for example and will not be able to update it further. So if it is possible to hire plugin developer – it will be a best variant I think, because you know your plugin and code :)


micdashl Purchased

Plugin does not display calendar under “Available Days” on pageand appears broken. Using default wordpress theme. Yes I selected available days under “Booking Period” in backend.

Hi, that shouldn’t be happening at all. Sometimes when there is an issue it’s not just the theme but could very well be a third party plugin causing some conflict.

Try to deactivate a few plugins and see if that helps. If not, contact us through our profile page and provide a URL to your page where you are seeing the issue. Will take a look and let you know further.


micdashl Purchased

Thanks!!! Solved my problem! :)

Hi I have bought it and want returning customers to just fill email and password, what can i do so that they dont have to put their address.?

Hi, in this case you need to enable membership. This will ask user to login when trying to make a booking and is the only way to keep track of the same user making a booking.

You will find the option to enable membership in the “General settings” page under the “Cart settings” section.

Hope that helps.


Is it possible to set a start time and end time instead of time blocks? I see this is a highly requested functionality but hasn’t been available in the past. I need this for my website. Has this feature been added and if so how is it done? If not, can you add it?

Hi, we do not suppor this yet. Please check with us at a later time or contact us directly through our items support page and I will be able to give you more details regarding this particular feature you are after.


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How does the user select multiple time-slots for booking? Holding Shift while clicking won’t do it, and selecting in succession replaces the previous selection.


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Maximum booking days or timeslots is set to 24


micdashl Purchased

Solution: I discovered the “Time Selection” option under “General Settings > Misc Options.” Choosing the “ListBox” option solved my issue.

Thanks for reporting back. Glad you managed to resolve. That is indeed the correct setting.


micdashl Purchased

Separate possible bug: If choose “Range” as calendar type, does not show “To” field on page.

Hi, from the “Projects” page, set a value greater than 1 for the “Maximum booking days or time slots” field.

Hope that helps.

Hi..I got 3 questions.. I’m looking to buy this plugin for a restaurant website.. 1- can this plugin make restaurant reservations? 2- RTL Support? 3- Can i translate it via PO AND MO Files (poedit)?

Hi, we do not support RTL at the moment :(

The rest of what you asked is possible.

Presale question: Can I limit the number of bookings per person? For example, set it up so that each customer can only make one booking per month.

Hi, no, that is not possible I’m afraid. Perhaps you can try to do this at the page level, i.e. put the booking form on a page to which access is limited once a month.

Hope that helps.

Hi, presales question. I want to set up a shop for customers to book our bartenders for an event. I need to be able to select multiple bartenders for an event, and be able to select my number of hours, e.g. 2 bartenders, 6 hours. And if possible, a minimum qty eg 5 hours. Payment through the site is best – I have woocommerce running. Please let me know if you have the functions for this. Thank you.

Hello…Presale question…I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to set each even ticket purchased to be unique that once its been used, it cannot be used again? Like using a QR code or barcode?

Hi, that is not possible at all :(

Good evening, I’m looking for a booking system that can be used in a renting vacation apartments website, right now we use airbnb, homeway and others that use the standard ical calendar, So we asked if its plugin is compatible, and if it allows importing and Export ical, we want to use airbnb as the parent of the booking process.

Thanks and i hope you answer this email on time, we´re running out of time with this project.

Responded to email.

Hi Typps I love your booki wp plugin. But there are somea features that would be necessary for my project. Is it possible for a programmer to go into the plugin code and do the respective programming. I.e. we want in the confirmation mail a pdf attached with confirmation and be able to add logos etc from sponsors

Hi, we do not expose a public API.

Having said that, the email templates are already exposed from the plugins back-end where you can add your own logos or extra links to the respective emails.

Hope that helps.

Hi, I might could get excited about something like this. Is possible this in calendar of every camper van for hire…?

Availability & Prices

Weekend Nov-Feb 350$ / March-Oct 450$

Mid week Nov-Feb 450$ / March-Oct 550$

Week Nov-Feb 550$ / March-Oct 650$

You can hire our camper vans over the following periods:

Weekend ( 3 nights) hire – 14:00 Friday – 10:00 am Monday Midweek (4 nights) hire – 14:00 Monday – 10:00 am Friday Weekly hire (7 nights) – 14:00 Friday – 10:00 am Friday

This plugin is not a good fit for you i’m afraid :(

Well, thanks for being honest with me anyway. Good luck!!

Hi, I would like to know whether it is an error. I tried your demo version on my android phone. I noticed during the booking process, the pop up calendar was partially blocked by the website header (where your Booki logo and menu is) so I can’t click next for the month selection. Whether I’m on portrait or landscape mode, the error is there. This worries me as I do not want the same thing to happen when I bought it and implement it into my website.

Also, may I know, for the shopping cart, does it comes with the plugin or we have to have like woo commerce in order for it to work?

Your plugin is great with a lot of wonderful features that I want especially the offline payment, invoices, deposit payment. But it does not seem to be as responsive as other plugins out there….


Hi, did you try the demo for Bed and Breakfast? That’s whr i discover the error


Typps Author

Hi, feel free to ignore that. It’s just our theme that has a header strip whose z-index order is quite high hence why it covers the calendar slightly and not related to the plugin.

We will fix our theme shortly. Thanks for catching that.

I see. Ok


Is it possible to use this system for rent a car service ? Like pickup time and bring back time and or pickup date and bring back date.



Arreg Purchased

Is there a possibility that i could use this plugin as a job search instead of booking calender and so on ?


Typps Author

Hi, unfortunately the calendar is an integral part of the booking process and cannot be removed :(

so is there season dates price range? say all year round except cetain days is list at 275 but you want peak season days to be listed as 375 how can i get this with your plugin?

okay i figured the seasonal rate out i need help with payments click on paypal it send me to the same page.

pay-pal button is set up but when clicking on it at check out it send me the cart page.


Typps Author

responded to email.

Hi! Great looking plugin. Presale Question:

we have 1 room for rent, which you can rent

- 1/2 day Daystay / at morning (4h) starting at 08:00h

- 1/2 day at afternoon (4h) starting at 13:00h

- night / Overnight stay from 18:00h – 10:00h

—> sometimes it comes to an overlap: When a room is booked from today until tomorrow for 1 night, a Daystay tomorrow isn’t possible for the morning stay.

Is that possible with your plugin?


Typps Author

Not possible I’m afraid :(

Thanks for your answer. If we rent 1 room for daystay (12:00AM – 04PM) and night (06PM – 10:00AM)

What happens with this room? is it possible to rent the room for day and later for night at same date? Or is it blocked? Best regards Michael


Typps Author

Ah, I see now. Well, only the booked slots will be unavailable until all slots are booked in which case the day wont allow any more bookings.

To keep in mind: time slots need to be auto generated at equal intervals, where you will be excluding the slots you do not need and keeping the ones during which you want to allow booking.

Hope that makes sense.

I’m looking for a calendar which allows us to have several staff members with their own calendar. Every staff can schedule appoiments or “to do” to others. And every calendar is private.