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Will this work with multi-agents? I want to rent out ATVs. When an ATV is rented I want the customer to immediately pay and a notification to sent to both myself and the owner of the ATV being rented.

It can handle multi agents, but it doesn’t send out multiple emails.


As part of an escape game, I would like to be able to set prices according to the day and hour (full time / off time).

I bought the plugin but I can not find the way to do it with WooCommerce.

Do you have a solution?

Thank you in advance,

pre-sales enquiry:

I am currently using a different booking form with woocommerce and add-on NabTransact Direct Gateway for WooCommerce, will thse gateway be compatible for this add-on Booked Payments with WooCommerce? Thank in advance..

Yes, any gateways that work with WooCommerce should work with Booked.

Hi just to confirm that the plugin goes through the usual Woo Commerce checkout? The reason I ask is that we want to push them through and collect other info / sign them up to Newsletter at the same time.

Hello, im interested in buying this product but im not sure if it fits. I want, that i can choose a date and time slot for every single product in my shop. So the customer chooses a product, then can choose the date/time via ur plugin and then add it to the cart. is this possible or how does it works?

No, this is not how Booked works. You would choose the date and time, and then the product. But if you need each product to have different times available, you would need to create a calendar for each product.

Hello, presales question – will this work with cache modules? (wp supercache, etc)

Yes it should.

hi, I was wondering if you could please supply a code snippet for functions.php that changes the text on the request an appointment button When booking an appointment?

Please can you provide information on this or supply information on a solution as I need to customise this for a customer.

Hello, Pre-Sales Question:

Using the demo for the “booked-woocommerce” add-on, when I select a date, a pop-up displays with a list of times. I’m looking for something that books by the day (condo rental) and the times are not necessary – I need to simply have a “Book Now” button that goes straight to collecting their information and then payment.

Does your plugin do this? Will it work for an individual looking to rent their condo for certain time frames?

Thanks, Toni

No, this will not work sorry


I would like to know if is possible to don’t require options (name or name + last name as guest mode) because I’m using your addon ‘booked-woocommerce’ and woocommerce require the same fields by default…so for a better customers experience I need to desactivate these options.

Maybe you have a better solution ?

Best regards


I use on my site WooCommerce 2.6, say please can your plug-in to work with this version?

Thank you in advance, Ksenia

Yes, it works with WC 2.6.


NoahEps Purchased

Hi Guys,

we renew support for 6 month, but couldn´t open a ticket :-(

We got that Issue that the Info of the selected Checkboxes are not transfered to the cart.

Thanks for helping


They don’t go to the cart, they go to the appointment information. The only data that goes to the cart is the product you select from the dropdown during booking.


NoahEps Purchased

Unfortunately it doesn´t work on my Website ( Could you please tell how i can open a ticket? Because only the mainproduct “Booked” can be selected on the Support-Site, but not the Add-on “Booked Payments with WooCommerce” where i renew the support.

You should be able to submit a ticket now. Sorry about the previous issues there!

Can this plugin be configured in such a way that the custom time slots will reduce in number according to the variable product that is chosen?

No, sorry.

Hello, For a booked product is still impossible to modify quantity ? thanks

Would modifying the quantity also modify the number of time slots booked?

i think so , this is my need :

Example Form:

For a calendar “Excursion river” I Choose a Day I Choose a time slot I Choose number of persons • Adult Quantity • Child Quantity Price for adult and Child is different. There must be a limited number of persons by time slot.

i think so , this is my need :

Example Form:

For a calendar “Excursion river” I Choose a Day I Choose a time slot I Choose number of persons • Adult Quantity • Child Quantity Price for adult and Child is different. There must be a limited number of persons by time slot.

I’m looking for a calendar / booking app which allows us to have several staff members with their own price and their own calendar that preferably syncs between google calendar. I would also like the customer to be able to choose book reoccurring appointments. They can setup either a number of appointments per week say 1-5. Or they can setup less regular appointments, for example 1 appointment per fortnight or 1 appointment per month. They then pay via preferably stripe, or alternatively paypal and that reoccurring payment is setup.

Sorry, Booked won’t work for you.

Your support site isn’t recognizing that I have purchased either the Booked plugin or the products add-on. I’m having an issue. Need help.

Can you try again?

Hi, I’ve a presale question… I need two booking calendars, only one with the payment system. Would it possible? Thanks

Can you set up to make full day reservations?

Hi, i have bought your adds on plugin payment with woocommerence for booked calender plugins. When i select the service booked option in the product. When page is going 404 not found error. Can you help us asap?


Here is above website page. which you will see 404 page error. Please can you give me quickly reply? Thanks